Snowberg at the Bridge

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A tale of the Snowberg Army, the forces of the Baronies of Concordia of the Snows and Bergental. This chronicles the events of the 38th Pennsic War in 14th Century Alliterative verse.

1. Listen as I tell a tale of Tygers at war
Undaunted by the Dragon though dreadful the odds.
Golden crowned Konrad, was King of the East,
a defiant foe he faced – the fierce King Lutr.
in forests and in fields they fought with vigor,
all of the Eastern Army earned glory there,
but about the battle of five bridges I bid you now hear
and of the bearers of blades from Bergental and Concordia –
How the soldiers of Snowberg seized victory then.

2. At the second bridge bided the two Barony’s warriors;
at the left of the line‘s fore was their leader strong:
the baron clad in black bold Angus Kerr.
He bade his brave band to forbear a moment;
to hold their place behind hardy Lochleven
and wait ‘till their weapons would be most needed

3. Lead by lightning-fast Collin Lochleven sallied forth
and met the Mid-Realm warriors with a mighty rush,
but the foe blocked their battle-charge stood like a bulwark.
Then the dragons drove back with a dire assault –
but the fierce Scottish fighters stood fast their ground,
and so both of these sides struggled with each other
Neither yielding an inch to their dread enemy.

4. The swords of Snowberg stood ready to charge,
but Duke Lucan, the white-clad warlord, went to the fighters
and he ordered Angus elsewhere to battle:
“Our Loyal Atlantean allies lay into the fifth bridge,
but came crashing against the Calontir shields;
these brave men almost made their way through,
but are spent and spread thin speed to them now!

5. While to the Falcons fell the few allies left,
the soldiers of Snowberg sallied to the fifth bridge.
Like a lance their line lunged to the enemy,
with dread-armed Deacon its head, they drove through the foe;
the hero hewed a gaping hole in the shields,
The remainder of the men moved through the gap
Battered by bright Atlantia and broken by the East,
The fierce carls of Calontir crumbled before Snowberg.

6. Off of the breached bridge they bravely charged
And fought up the flank of the fearsome Dragon,
At the back of the next bridge they bore upon the enemy
And to their embattled brothers they brought much aid
By fighting the foe they faced on another front.
Swiftly the Mid-Realm soldiers were sundered by this strife
And the men of the mighty tyger moved on to the next bridge
Soon the Snowberg warriors saw just before them
Brave Lochleven breaking through a barrier of Dragons
They roared a rousing greeting as they rushed to aid them,
and all foes on the field fell to these heroes.
Great was the glory garnered by Snowberg
This fashion Baron Angus found
To breach the bridge the long way ‘round

©2009 Dan Marsh