Skogens Krogh

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Founded: AS XLVI
Status: Active
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Skogens Krogh is the natural informal household of Signý Kráka and Guntram Strobel. It began simply as us and our children, then grew to include friends and more family. We are a household focused on hospitality, with a desire to bring people together around food and music. Skogens Krogh means Tavern of the Forest (literally "the forest's tavern"), and reflects our affinities and goals. You will often find a cluster of young people playing games here during the day. At night, laughter rings out around our fire. All are welcome to visit and enjoy food, drink, and conversation with us. None will leave hungry. We hope to make community meals open to the public a regular feature. We also enjoy spending lots of time with the Inn of Bard's Rest.


Skogens Krogh was founded in Stonemarche in AS XLVI.



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