Skarpheddin is Given Honor

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Written in runhent, the earliest known form of end-rhymed poetry in northern Europe. It was invented by Egil to save his head.

Skarpheddin was given his AoA at Wars of the Roses in 2016. This is the text I made for him.

At the Flower-Clash, Skarphedin inn halvi was called before Kenric the king and Avelina the queen. A skald was called to speak on the man's deeds. This is what was said.

of terrible power
crushes our foes,
his fearsome blows
breaking their ranks,
reddening the banks
of Gjöll - the raven

Thunder roars
rankle the boars
to run - a dog
drives through the fog
and the corpse-mud -
cowering from flood,
their hides bear brunt
of Har of the hunt.

Stalwart skilled Skarphedin
Stands - proud and skull-laden

This beast of might,
bearing the light
touch of service,
settles the nervous
with gilded voice,
grasping the choice
of peace when force
the plainer recourse.

The wisdom of old -
the ancient gold
breaker's advice -
the bear as ice
the weight of the world
with words furled -
feeds the rowan
a feast to grow in.

Stalwart skilled Skarphedin
Stands - humble, grace-laden

These things opposed -
proud-strong battle-oak
by fire disposed
to fulsome smoke -
speak of a man
of spear-knowledge
and knowledge-span
like spear-hall edge.

Praise-fit the ash
of ancient roots
that stands in boots
of Bragi and clash
of wounding-poles,
with winding trunk
that battled and sunk
the bravest of souls.

Stalwart skilled Skarphedin
Stands - worthy of honor laden

Then all were called to remember the deeds of Skarphedin and give him his due honor. It was the Time of Rememberance, fifty-one years after the Settling.

© Peter Olsen