Sitt al-Gharb ha-niqret Khazariyya

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Sitt al-Gharb ha-niqret Khazariyya
Resides: Barony of Dragonship Haven
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Quarterly argent and purpure, a winged monkey segreant Or and in a chief sable three crescents Or

Khazariyya badge.jpg
(Fieldless) Two winged monkeys combatant maintaining two daggers with the front daggers crossed in saltire Or
Award & Office Badges
Award of ArmsCompanion of the Order of the Silver WheelCompanion of the Order of the Silver BroochConsort's CypherOrder of the White OakOrder of the KeelMorpheus

Hearthstead.gif PID.jpg
Chancellor MinorChatelaine


My first event was Pennsic XXIV in anno societatis 30 (1995). I have only missed two years in all this time. I LOVE to dance. Drums bring me to life.

I have worked behind the scenes in Beyond the Mountain for several years. I have helped find a site and start a baronial fencing and armored combat site in Colchester, CT. I have also helped when needed as a co-autocrat, bake sale organizer, silent auction organizer, and have worked demos in multiple baronies. I am currently working in my new barony, Dragonship Haven, as Chatelaine and also hope to bring some A&S classes to them soon. I have a passion for event photography and can often be seen being a contortionist to get the shot. I have been playfully called the Photo Ninja.

I have become more interested in the Scribal Arts recently and would love to start attending classes locally.

I have two children, Lady Ádísa Grímólfsdóttir and Ráðúlfr Grímólfson. I bring them to many events, and they love it. My son wants to be a knight someday.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Pronunciation: sit al garb, HA nekret, khaza RI ah


14th Century Northern Steps Turkish

Alternate Persona: Hrefna Spákona

9th century Rús viking





  • Ulvesby Militia
  • Stormguard Fencing Unit
  • Rogue - (Pennsic 35)
  • Kindermaus - Pennsic 42
  • Order of the Cask (brewers household) - Pennsic 44
  • Timberwolfe - Pennsic 45
    • Handbook Update Commitee 2023


  • Belly Dancing
  • Event Photography
  • Leatherworking
  • Service
  • Silk Banner Dyeing
    • Trying to make the East as beautiful as it is fierce, one banner at a time
  • Firespinning
  • Scribal and Illumination
    • specializing in Norse/Hiberno Norse
      • elder and younger futhark runes
  • Costuming
    • known for Valkyrie and Hela



East Kingdom

Barony Beyond the Mountain

  • Order of the White Oak (Service award) at Summer Solstice Shoot 6/20/15

Barony of Dragonship Haven

  • Order of the Keel ~ Out of Barony Service award at Dragonship Haven and BBM Champions Day 10/23/21 - Reyne and Rhode
  • Recipient of the Fisker


  • Hearthstead with Rogues at Pennsic 43, Siegfried IV and Elizabeth II

Offices & Positions

Barony of Dragonship Haven

  • Warlord at War of the Pearls I - 2022
  • Deputy Chatelaine 2022-2023
  • Chatelaine 2023-current

At Large

  • Official photographer for Royal pictures of Ioannes and Honig
  • Chancellor Minor at Large
  • MiT for Youth Combat
  • Swampwatch Certified with PID (Predators in the Darkness). The Swamp Watch is an informal, yet highly organized volunteer security force operating with the full approval of and in cooperation with Pennsic Public Safety.

Lady in Waiting to

Event Staff/Volunteer

  • Organized and ran Colchester Demo 2014
  • Co-autocrat for Hrim Schola - 3/19/16
  • Ran several fundraisers for BBM in 2016 and 2017
  • Ran Bardic circles in BBM in 2016 and 2017
  • Dayboard prep staff at BBM Investiture 2018
  • Server for Bergantal/BBM Yule feast 2018
  • Scribe for Youth Chess Tournament at War of the Roses 2019
  • Birka 2023 photo booth
  • Co-Steward of St Eligius 2023


All silk banners in collaboration with Dróttin Grímólfr Skúlason inn jarlsbani

Other artforms

  • Illumination and calligraphy on a scroll for a youth chess tournament prize in Concordia of the Snows
  • Portrait of Queen Corotica featured on Their Royal Majesty's Mohammad and Corotica webpage
  • Scrolls illuminated with calligraphy for the East

Classes Taught

  • Dragonship Haven Populace silk banner

In Case of Court

Please contact and coordinate with Dróttin Grímólfr Skúlason inn jarlsbani and Temair ingen Muiredaich

I prefer in person court and surprises.

Please do not give me awards in Etherial Court. I would rather receive them at a later date in person.