Sibilla d'Angers

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Sibilla d'Angers.jpg
Lady Tat'iana at Fall Crown Tourney, 2010
Resides: Barony of Stonemarche
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Quarterly Or and gules, a cross of Jerusalem within a bordure embattled, all counterchanged.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the Maunche


Baroness Sibilla d'Angers was born in the year of 1177 in the City of Angers, County of Anjou. At the time of her birth, King Henry of England controlled the County, mostly as a strategic buffer against King Philip of France. In her childhood, Henry passed, leaving the County, along with the rest of his empire, to King Richard, known and The Lionhearted. Upon his death, the County went to Arthur, he young Duke of neighboring Brittany. Much fighting ensued in the fight between the young Arthur and the dead King's brother, John Lackland, for control of the throne. Upon Arthur's disapearance in 1203, Anjou was siezed by King Phillip II of France. The current Seneshal of Anjou, William des Roches, defends often against King John's attempts to seize the County. Des Roches recently left for Crusades, leaving the area vulnerable and unstable. As a minor Baroness, Sibilla, when home, stays in the safety of the Chateau d'Angers.

Sibilla has spent the vast majority of her years serving abroad in the courts of the Kingdom of the East. Many and King and Queen has she joined the retinue of, serving as Lady in Waiting to many. When not at court, and not visiting her lands in Anjou, she retires to Fontevraud Abbey, where the much admired, Queen Eleanor passed and was laid to rest.


  • 04/02/2011 Grant of Arms
  • 09/15/2007 Companion of the Silver Crescent
  • 08/07/2008 Companion of the Manche
  • 01/31/2004 Award of Arms
  • 02/04/2012 Court Barony
  • 05/06/2006 Queen's Honor of Distinction (Anna II)
  • 08/06/2009 Queen's Honor of Distinction (Gabriella II)
  • 09/30/2006 Queen's Cypher (Anna II)
  • 09/29/2007 King's Cypher (Gryffith)
  • 04/14/2012 Queen's Cypher (Kiena I)

Retired Persona

The below is my retired Persona:

Tat'iana Negoshka Danilova is a Lady born of a minor Boyer of the Muscovite court. During her childhood, Tsar Ivan came to power as a young man himself. As her father watched the young Monarch grow into a powerful but twisted man, he worried for his young daughter. Seeking to secure the safety of his only daughter, he sent her to foster with a noble friend in Spain. Tat'iana's new residence traveled a great deal with the Spanish Lord, eventually settling in Italy with the Lord's marriage to a wondrous Italian Lady. With his marriage and acquisition of his lady's seat, Tati'ana was invited to foster with another of her father's friends in England. She now resides within the Duchy Tarragon. Tat'iana visits her family in Moscow twice a year and secretly enjoys bringing the exotic fashions and shocking stories of Ivan's court back. Tat'iana worries for the safety of her father; for the Tsar's madness seems to only get worse every year.