Shadiyah al-Zahra'

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Resides: Barony of Havre des Glaces
Awards: Order of Precedence
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My name is Shadiyah al-Zahra'. I've been introduced to the SCA by friends back in 1995, and I've been active ever since. I had the chance to meet lots of wonderful people, particularly Arthur de Beaumont, my husband.


Shadiyah al-Zahra' is of Lebanese lineage on her mother side. A young widow, she earned her living dancing and teaching for many years. Now living happily with her husband Arthur de Beaumont, she puts her skills as a scribe to her Kingdom's service, and shares her knowledge, giving classes in Havre des Glaces and groups in Tir Mara, as well as in other places in the East.

Offices & Positions

Over the years, I've hold the offices of Chatelaine, A&S minister and Exchequer in Havre des Glaces. From September 2010 to August 2013, I was proud to be the first landed Baroness of Havre des Glaces. Arthur and I have now stepped down from this position, leaving the Barony in the capable hands of our successors. Since 2013, I'm Deputy Clerk for Western Tir-Mara. My role is to assist the Tyger Clerk and promote the scribal arts in my area.


Baronial awards: Compagnon de l'Ordre du Lys d'Argent (service) Compagnon de l'Ordre de Mai (Arts et Sciences) Kingdom awards: I was awarded an AOA in 2002 and a GOA in 2010. Companion of the Order of the Terpsichore, for my work as an Oriental dancer and teacher (2002). Companion of the Order of the Manche, mainly for my work as a scribe, both for making scrolls for my Barony and my Kingdom, and for sharing my skill with others (2011). Seamstress to Court from Queen Ekaterina (2011) Token of Esteem from King Edward (2012) Companion of the Order of the Laurel (2016)

More Information

My main interests in SCA are illumination, calligraphy and oil painting. Digging deeper into those interests, I've found myself doing more and more research on period materials and techniques. I'm known to teach whenever I can, and one of my greatest pleasure is when my classes result in one student deciding to learn more. I have now the pleasure and honor to have two apprentices and a student who are dedicated and talented. From very early in my time in the Society, I understood that the dream cannot be without all the people that work to make events possible. I gave my time as autocrat for a good number of events, local, and two RPs, particularly a Kingdom University. I also took charge of a Tir Mara Schola. I am currently Tir Mara Clerk Deputy and do my best to nurture the scribal arts in my community. Please go to my website for examples of illuminations and paintings I've done in service of my Barony and my Kingdom, and for access to my handouts. (