Serafina Della Torre

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Photo Serafina Della Torre.jpg
Resides: Carolingia (Framingham, MA)
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel
Thrown Weapons Marshal


Serafina Della Torre. Duckling of Liam St. Liam and protege of Baron Ernst.

I have found a love for service and bringing happiness to people with art.

My proudest achievement thus far is bringing the love of thrown weapons to the Shire of Glenn Linn.

I am now a Carolingian!


Serafina is a 16th-century Italian woman interested in the arts, rhetoric, medicine. She has embraced the Rennaisance and researches the ideals, philosophy, and dress of Roman women.

Offices & Positions

  • Central Region Thrown Weapons Deputy, April 2019-
  • Seneschal, Glenn Linn, December 2017-September 2018
  • Thrown Weapons Officer, Glenn Linn, August 2015- August 2018
  • Lieutenant of Carolingian Baronial Guard, September 2018-
  • Queen Honig - Guard 4/2017-10/2017
  • Queen Anna - Guard 10/2016-4/2017
  • Thrown Weapons Marshal, 2015-

Event Staff

  • Thrown Weapons Co-MIC, War of the Roses 2019
  • EK 50 Deputy Info Point, 2018
  • Thrown Weapons Co-Marshal in Charge, Great Northeastern War 2017
  • Deputy Autocrat, Northern Region War Camp 2017
  • Thrown Weapons MIC, Northern Region War Camp 2016
  • Pennsic Staff - Thrown Weapons Coordinator, 46, 47, 48, 49

Projects & Publications

East Kingdom Gazette, October 2017 "King's and Queen's Thrown Weapons Championship."

Pennsic Thrown Weapons reporter to Pennsic Independent: Pennsic 47

St. Eligius Entrant: Block carving and printing 11/2017

Queen’s Favors: HRH Honig (75), HRH Fortune (20)

Facilitated Favor Printing for the Barony of Carolingia with Baroness Raziya (50)

Queen’s and Baronial Favor printing station at Otter’s Welcome 2019

Largess: Block Printed hand towels for Birka as gifts from HRH Vienna and Pennsic from HRH Fortune

EKU survey for restructuring of East Kingdom University 2018

More Information

Protege of Baron Ernst

Classes taught:

  • Children's tissue paper stained glass: 12th Night 2014, Birka 2014
  • Pennsic Preparation Round Table: Northern Region War Camp 2015
  • Block Carving and Printing: Novice Schola 2017, Glenn Linn A&S 5/2017, Co-taught Pennsic 2017, Hrim Schola 2018, Pennsic 2018, Pennsic 2019
  • Teaching in the SCA: Novice Schola 2017
  • Teaching in the SCA Round Table: Co-moderated Pennsic 2017
  • What Makes a Good Thrown Weapons Competition? Co-moderated Pennsic 2017
  • Beginner Thrown Weapons: Co-taught Pennsic 2017
  • Martial In Training Class: Pennsic 2019

Multiple retinues including HRM Thyra, HRM Gregor, HRMs Kennric and Avelina, HRMs Brennan and Caoilfhionn, HRH Honig

In Case of Court: Please Notify Baron Ernst, Countess Alethea Eastriding, Clockwork, and Pandaulf

I would prefer not to be surprised. A notification I will be seen in court would be helpful. ICOP: Writ requested.