Sedalia MacNare

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Resides: Barony of Carillion
Status: Semi-Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Sable, a sword inverted, the blade enflamed, proper surmounted by a lion's head erased, within five mullets of seven points in orle argent.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the LaurelCompanion of the Order of the PelicanCompanion of the Order of the RoseCompanion of the Order of the MauncheCompanion of the Order of the Silver CrescentCompanion of the Order of the Burdened Tyger


Duchess Sedalia MacNare. I first found the SCA by having it given to me as a Christmas present. No, really. An acquaintance was walking through the student union building at the University of Pittsburg and saw a flyer for a medieval yule revel and as a gift for everyone living in the house, he got tickets for all of us to go (even though he couldn't go). So my very first event was The Brothers of the Five Winds Yule Revel in BMDL. For those that are unfamiliar, Brothers of the Five Winds are one of the Tuchux clans, so my first event was a Tuchux one. I lived in BMDL and was active there until I returned to Long Island in 1982 to continue my studies.


15th Century highland scotswoman educated mainly on the continent.

Offices & Positions

  • Deputy Seneschal, Barony Marche of the Debatable Landes, 2/79-8/79
  • Seneschal of the Barony Marche of the Debatable Landes, 8/79-approx.6/82
  • Designated Seneschal for the Principality of Lucora (this Principality movement was for a Western EK Principality consisting of PA and W.V. only - it did not happen, obviously)
  • First Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for New Groups approx. 6/82-10/83
  • East Kingdom Seneschal 88/89-93
  • First Society Seneschal 93-96

Event Staff

  • Head Cook, Baronial Investiture, BMDL 2/79
  • Head Cook, Crown Tournament, BMDL 10/79
  • Autocrat, Clown Tournament, BMDL 12/79
  • Autocrat, Pennsic IX, 1980
  • Autocrat, Weapons Proficiency Tournaments, BMDL 6/81 & 6/82
  • A whole bunch of other events in BMDL
  • Head Cook, Russian Event (Sebastian's Birthday), Iron Bog 1985
  • Autocrat, Pennsic XI 1982
  • Deputy Autocrat, Pennsic XII, 1983
  • Autocrat, Pennsic XIII, 1984
  • Merchant Autocrat, Pennsic XV, 1986
  • Autocrat, Pennsic XIX, 1990
  • Deputy Autocrat, Parking Control, Pennsic XX, 1991
  • Autocrat, Pennsic XXVII, 1998
  • Autocrat, Pennsic XXIX, 2000
  • Head Cook, Bellringers, Carillion 2011

Projects & Publications

  • Author of first New Groups Handbook for the East Kingdom
  • Originator of the informal Board of Directors' newsletters

Things I introduced or helped introduce to Pennsic:

  • Chirurgeon's Point and Herald's Point (IX)
  • Autocrats Point (IX)
  • Eating establishments (XI)
  • Merchant's Fee amd pre-reserved Merchant space - XV
  • On site membership sales - throughout the Known World 1994-1996
  • Performance Tent
  • Chldren's Point (XIX)

  • Member of Gavin I and Tamera's Royal Household
  • Member of Horic amd Leah's Royal Household
  • Seamstress to Katherine II



I use the term apprentice for those that have come to learn from me in either capacity, either as a Laurel or a Pelican as I find the term protege too modern for my tastes.

Former apprentices:

  • Master Lawrence Thornguard - Master of the Pelican 10/16/88
  • Mistress Maria (Mairi) - Mistress of the Laurel 7/2006

Current apprentices (in seniority order):

  • Lady Elizabeth of Carrigart
  • Mistress Bronwyn Acthorn (she is apprenticed to me as a Laurel but received her Pelican 10/11)
  • Lady Katya Gordon
  • Lady Fiona of Clan Kyle

Award Information

  • My Pelican is for work mainly on Pennsic
  • My CSC was for work in the seneschalate
  • My Laurel is for Tudor and Elizabethan clothing
  • My Maunche is for cooking

Personal Statement

I am enjoying a semi-retirement due to health issues but always welcome visitors, students, and anyone that might actually remember me. Every once in awhile I think I should try and be an officer again, or get back onto the Pennsic staff, but then usually one of my eleven fur children wake me up.