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Scolastica and HRM Margarita at Bhakail Yule
Resides: Barony of Bhakail, Philadelphia PA
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Scolastica Capellaria device.jpg
Per bend sinister gules and azure, a drawn bow reversed with arrow nocked and a unicorn couchant contourny regardant argent
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Maunche Order of the Harlequin Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch Master of Horse
Minister of Arts and Science


My name is Scolastica Capellaria. I have been involved in the SCA since May of 2019. I have a background in Art History, textiles and jewelry making. I went to school at Kent State University where I majored in medieval Art History and minored in Crafts, focusing on textiles and jewelry and metals. I wrote my undergraduate Honors Thesis on Ivory Mirror cases from the fourteenth century and explored the topics of courtly love, chess, and ivory carving production which exploded during this period. While working on my masters I studied the collection of jewelry from turkey and greece spanning many centuries and researched Aquamaniles and reliquary boxes. I have a profound interest in material culture and the way that it shapes our understanding of history.

In the SCA I am most interested in A&S and understanding medieval life. I love historical garment making and find that wearing medieval garments, and experiencing how they change the way you walk, move and dance are fantastic experiences. My goal is to create a medieval garb from head to toe from a specific time and place.

I am also an avid embroider. In 2021 I spent the year learning a different embroidery style each month. And in 2022 I have spent the year working on larger projects using what I learned as well as teaching those techniques to others.

In March of 2021 I became a student of Elizabet Marshall and became an apprentice on June 3, 2022. The focus of my apprenticeship is on Precision, Tension and Accuracy.

I am a companion of the Black Boot Company,the newcomer household in Bhakail where I spread the knowledge of the SCA with newcomers to our society. The plague years make me feel new in the SCA, however I am probably not so much of a newcomer anymore.


Scolastica is a lady from sometime in Western Medieval Europe (probably somewhere between 1200 and 1600). Her greatest joy in life is learning new things, researching very old things, and discussing these things with others. She loves to make things. She has a fondness of hats and headgear of all shapes and sizes. She often can be found embroidering in the shade, eating cubes of cheese wherever they can be found, and smiling and waving at her friends. She is a lover of games, and if you ask nicely she will gladly play Nine Man's Morris, Chess, or her favorite: fox and geese. Like many a medieval lady she enjoys sport on occasion and will try her hand at archery. Scolastica is a lover of poetry and the songs of troubadours and does very much enjoy discussing the rules of courtly love. She has begun to play the recorder and enjoys recommendations for song and dance (though she has several left feet). After spending her life indoors among her books, Scolastica has recently found great joy in camping and being outside, though her constitution is often weak and causes her to seek shade and refreshment frequently. Scolastica appreciates gifts of water and sporting beverages such as aid of the alligator, as if they were cups of gold.

Projects & Publications

Scolastica has a blog! The Inevitable Scadian

In 2021, Scolastica completed a year long embroidery project embroidering needle cases in different styles of embroidery:

"10 Embroidered Needle Cases"
10 Little Needle Cases finished in December 2021
  • Needle Case using Applique technique January 2021
  • Needle Case using Blackwork embroidery technique February 2021
  • Needle Case using German Brick Stitch February 2021
  • Needle Case using Bayeux Stitch March 2021
  • Needle Case using Italian Cross Stitch April 2021
  • Needle Case using Split Stitch and Goldwork May-August 2021
  • Needle Case using Lacis Linen Stitch July 2021
  • Needle Case using Reticella September 2021
  • Needle Case using Padded detached button hole stitch November 2021
  • Needle Case using Darning over pleats December 2021

Information on this project can be found at 10 Little Needle Cases.

Other Projects:

  • 14th Century Shift, Cotehardie and Overdress 05/11/2019
  • Pair of Bodies (in progress), won award at Novice Day arts and sciences competition July 2019
  • Landsknecht "Apple Pie" Wams, (entered into Iron Bog Baronial Arts and Science competition) 10/18/2019
  • Betsy Rossenrock, a Lanskenect Waffenrock based on the original American Flag July 2020
  • Opus Anglicanum embroidery (in progress)
  • Blackwork Plague Project (In Progress)
  • An Irish Leine and Brat
  • Order of Courtesy Rose November 2020
  • A set of Blue Tiger Handkerchiefs for the Virtual Shire Wars Largess Derby November 2020
  • A giant Silly Hat for Yule 12/12/2020
  • A little Sprang Bag December 2020
  • Yee Old Night Owl Hood, a medieval hood for the Foundations Revealed Costume Competition, February 2021
  • Little Goldwork Acorn February 2021
  • Yee Old Night Owl Medieval Hood inspired by the Night Owl in the Watchman, March 2021
  • Reticulated Headdress April 2021
  • 12 Little Needle Cases Project Completed December 2021
  • A Rainbow Pelican Embroidery Project for the elevation of Sabine de Kerbriant May of 2022
  • Battle of Little Birds The Elevation Cloak of Wentlyanna Bengrek Completed September 2022
  • White Work Apron The Elevation April of John Marshall Atte Forde Completed September 2022
  • The Crown of Love Embroidery based off of a 13th Century German Wall Hanging Completed December 2022

Arts and Science Research and Papers

Academic Publications:

Classes and Teaching

Scolastica is always open to teaching and spreading knowledge. The areas she is most comfortable teaching are hand sewing, embroidery, and research.

  • Hand Sewing Stitches -- Hartshorn Dale A&S Night Spring 2022
  • Silk Split Stitch -- River War 2022
  • The Wild Goose Chase: Navigating Digital Museum Databases -- Settmour Swamp A&S Night Fall 2022

Please email Scolastica at with any requests for classes.

Keepers of Athenas Thimble

Scolastica is an active member of the East Kingdom Embroiderers Guild Keepers of Athena's Thimble. She is currently ranked as a Craftsman in the Guild.

  • Competency in Applique for her Appliqued Owl with Leather Couching (2021)
  • Competency in Monochrome Embroidery for Blackwork flower Needlecase (2021)
  • Competency in Canvaswork for German Brick Stitch Needlecase (2021)
  • Competency in Couching and Laidwork for Bayeau Lion Needlecase (2022)
  • Competency in Counted for Italian Cross Stitch Needlecase (2021)
  • Competency in Free Embroidery for Favors for Her Majesty Margaritta (2019)
  • Competency in Lacis for her Lacis Flower Needle Case (2022)
  • Competency in Metal Thread for her St. Catherine Needle Case (2022)
  • Working Knowledge in Needle Lace for the in progress needle lace bunny (2019)
  • Competency in Padded Work for her Caterpillar Needle Case (2022)
  • Competency in Pleated Embroidery for her Pleated Needle Case (2022)


  • Order of the Maunch awarded at Earl Horic Memorial Sovereign & Consort’s Championship of Arms 6/4/22
  • Mistress of the Horse (Bhakail) awarded at the Sign of the Squirrel and Hound 4/2/22
  • Order of the Silver Brooch Awarded at Ethereal Court IX 5/16/2021
  • Virtual Mudthaw Arts and Science Competition Winner 3/20/2021
  • Order of the Harlequin (Bhakail) awarded at Virtual Bhakail Yule on 12/12/2020
  • Laurel's Choice Award awarded at Novice Day 7/24/2019.

Offices & Positions

  • Minister of Arts and Science, Barony of Bhakail, May 2022 to present
  • Deputy Chatelaine, Barony of Bhakail, October 2020 to May 2022

Event Staff

  • Deputy Event Steward for Bhakail Yule 2021

In Case of Court

Scolastica does not like surprises. A nudge to tell her to pay special attention during court is a welcome warning. Pronouns: She/her/hers. Her name is Latin and pronounced phonetically. Though she often misspells it.

For information about Court, Awards, etc. Kindly contact her laurel Elizabet Marshall and/or her partner Taichleach Eoganacht.

Scloastica is unopposed to Ethereal Awards, especially if all of her friends can be there.

More Information

Scolastica can be reached at