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Resides: canton of seashire, barony of Ruantallan, principality of Tir Mara
Status: active
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Award & Office Badges
Tyger’s Cub, AOA


Born in the beautiful northern Barony of Ruantallon, that was formed after their birth. Began the adventure into the world of the SCA in 1993, has had many names since starting out. They were heavily active between 1993 and 2007, then tapered off to occasional pop ins, before a full return in 2023.

Received Tygers cub from Andres and Isabella 1. 11/25/2000 Received AoA (confirming date and reign)


((Still under development))

Safyia hails from the glorious countryside within the ottoman empires vastness, they do not know where they came from nor whom they belong to, as they were an orphan sold into slavery, freed by a pirate buying excursion…

They found a family onboard the ship, however found the sea to rocky as the Commadore disappeared from his command… they set forth to find new adventures and new family.

All they clung to, was the person they found to be the most sisterly of people Anorna Glencarron.

Offices & Positions

None to date!

Event Staff

Far too numerous to recall all dates! Served feast since the height of the tables, and continues to this day. Cooks feast when called on, has yet to run their own kitchen. Cleans, sets up, moves, whatever is called for whenever it’s called for..

Projects & Publications

None to date

In Case of Court

How you would like to be notified in case of court: Please notify Lady Anora Glencarron (Marion Warren), Honorable Lord Thorin max Cainin (Lucas Lepine), or (Everet Hagen)

More Information

Perfered Pronouns are: They/Them or She/Her.