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Two people in Ancient Roman costumes. One armored, the other in soft clothing.
Angelii with her husband "Twyg" Gracchus at Southern Region War Camp AD 58

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Resides: Østgarðr
Status: Active
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A phoenix purpure rising from flames argent, charged on each wing with an eye argent irised sable.
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Salvia Angelii (Known as Angelii - or - Missy) resides in the Canton of Northpass inside the Crown Province of Østgarðr, with her husband Antonius Gracchus. She can be found working with Twyg Gracchus as consort for tournaments and when not helping in that way, can be found chatting with her neighbors in Settmour Swamp. She is a member of La Familia Gladiatoria and is starting to contribute to our society's rich A&S community.


Angelii is a late period Roman woman of decent standing, and good family standing.

Projects & Publications

  • Roman earrings - Novice Day AD 58 (06/20223)

In Case of Court

Angelii would prefer to be notified directly and would NOT like surprises. Please contact her husband, Antonius Gracchus in the event she cannot be contacted.

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