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Azure, a sagittary passant to sinister, the human torso turned to dexter Or
Award Information
Type: Order of High Merit
Founded: 01/22/1984 by Viktor and Sedalia
Premiere(s): William of the Black Fletch
Recipients: Companions of the Order of the Sagittarius

The Order of the Sagittarius is an Order of High Merit given for target archery. Recipients have shown superior prowess at the target archery range and have distinguished themselves in archery in one of the following areas: teaching and demonstrating the art of archery, making archery equipment, or helping to arrange archery at events and/or sites and thus demonstrating an overall impact to archery in the Kingdom.

The Order was established January 22 A.S. 18, 1984, by Viktor and Sedalia.

The Orders of High Merit are "polling orders": the Crown must consult the companions of the order via a written poll before granting the award.


The Order of the Sagittarius includes an Grant of Arms if the recipient does not already bear a Patent or Grant of Arms.

Prior to January, 2016 during the reign of Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II, this award included an Award of Arms if the recipient did not already bear a Patent, Grant, or Award of Arms.


The order's badge is: Azure, a sagittary passant to sinister, the human torse turned to dexter Or

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