SCA Without Breaking the Bank

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The SCA Without Breaking the Bank was a website hosted by Lady Katherine Ashewode. It was shut down in 2009 with the termination of Geocities, and finds itself reborn on the East Kingdom Wiki.


We've all seen the people with the huge pavilions, the beautiful Elizabethan gowns, the elaborate feast gear, and whatnot. The question that always hovers in my mind is "how much did they *pay* for that?" Let's face it, the SCA can be an expensive hobby. But it doesn't have to be. I'm an unemployed college student, so I've had to find ways of staying in the SCA that don't involve lots of money. This page is devoted to tips on how to stick with the SCA without denying yourself in other areas, like food. ("It's okay, I can eat macaroni and cheese every day for two months. This beautiful silk organza will be worth it.")

The tips are divided by category, but most follow a basic plan. It goes in five steps, from cheapest to least cheap, and how you should start your search. The 5-step process:

  1. Get it free
  2. Get someone to help you, or barter for it
  3. Pay someone from the SCA to make it for you
  4. Get it used at discount (garage sales, thrift stores, etc.)
  5. Get it cheap (warehouse, sales, etc.)

These will be explained in detail in each section. So, let's get to it.