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Founded: Reactivated Pennsic 47
Status: Active
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The Fast Action Armored Scouting/Response Unit (Running with Scissors) is an East Kingdom multi-regional unit under the command of Sir Trentus Nubianus of Carolingia. Originally a simple sprint unit formed to acquire designated banners in the beginning of the Pennsic woods battle, the team morphed into its current incarnation in order to adapt to the current needs of the Forces of the East. Although speed and mobility in the woods battle is still the primary role of this group, their responsibilities have multiplied: true scouting in the woods, running messages between large unit commanders, forming harrier units, performing hit and fade strikes, and operation as command and control agents for the Eastern Army Divisional commanders are now common assignments.


20 years ago, it was common to see troops with white diamonds on their helms in the woods. This was the official designation for a scout. Under the conventions of that time, scouts were non-combat units who were officially “killed” when an armored combatant was able to close within 5 feet of them. They were mainly used to track down the location of mobile banners, act as messengers, and, if reliable, gather intel for command. Around the same time, an all-volunteer unit of sprinters was formed with the sole task of gaining control of the center banner at the beginning of the woods battle. The unit became proficient in putting a considerable number of troops in position to defend an area long enough for the main units to arrive. Due to the success of the group, and with usual SCAdian humor, the team was dubbed Running with Scissors.

Since the unit was made up of the fastest troops on loan from the different fighting houses and divisions in the Northern Army, they were customarily allowed to return to their normal units after the goal was achieved. After considering this, Trentus remarked to (then) Sir Thorvald Halvorsson that he thought it was a shame that the unit disbanded so early into the battle; that such a unit would be useful throughout the day. Thorson’s second, Ishido, seized the opportunity and quickly responded, “You’re right—now run down those scouts!” Surprised at the enthusiasm and speed in which the task was carried out, Trentus was used as a messenger, armored scout, and scout killer for the rest of the battle.

The following year, that off-handed assignment became Trentus’ designation and with the help of his Men-at-Arms, they carried out the expanded role after assisting in the primary banner grab.

Two years later, the location of the woods battle and the win conditions changed, and it was determined that there was little use for such a group. The main force was not called upon and Trentus went back to scouting and line commanding for his household.

Years passed, and the location of the Pennsic woods battle returned to its traditional location. Trentus received the blessings of his Divisional Commander as well as his Army General to reform the unit. Wishing to maximize the usefulness of such a group, he began the task of building and shaping the group to the needs specified by his superiors. Inspired by the mantra of Duke Brennan mac Fearghus (Brennan III), who declared that “We are one army,” the unit removed its restrictions so that anyone who fights for the East Kingdom can join.

Mission Statement

Although we agree that most plans will not survive contact with the enemy, it is our belief that responsibilities will. Scissors will ensure communication through out the East Kingdom Army. Before the battle, we will make sure all commanders are updated with the latest alterations. During the battle, we will keep the commanders up to date on our current situation. We will be where we need to be, when we need to be, will the numbers needed.

If you feel that you are not able to make a significant contribution to the Army, you are wrong. We will show you your value.

In Service


Unit Makeup

Commander: Trentus Nubianus of Crimson Company

Group Leaders:

Triad Heads:

Armored Scouts:

Roll of Honor

  • Nikol — Although injured and unable to fight, Nikol tracked progress and time (Pennsic 47)
  • Alaxandr MacLochloinn — Unable to fight, Alaxandr performed Command and Control duties in the Woods Battle


Please contact Trentus via email or Facebook Messenger: Trent Stewart.