Royal Gifts and Largesse

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What is Largesse?

Coins or other presents as tokens of appreciation and generosity. You might hear the term "Royal Gift Chest" to refer to items the Royals have available for gifting.

Who might receive Royal Gifts?

  • newcomers attending a Royal Court
  • people who do cool things, like having an entry in an Arts & Sciences competition that Their Majesties particularly enjoy
  • hosts/hostesses when Royals stay the night at their home
  • Royals from other SCA Kingdoms who visit our Kingdom's events or meet with Their Majesties during an inter-kingdom event
  • Royals from other SCA Kingdoms who have formed an alliance with Their Majesties for an SCA "war" event
  • other people Their Majesties want to show gratitude to, such as guards and Champions

Who can donate largesse?

  • Anyone. Artistic talent is not a requirement; sometimes you can purchase supplies to contribute to an ongoing project.

How can I donate largesse?

  • First: Read Their Royal Majesties' (and Highnesses') preferences & needs for largesse during Their Reign.
  • Second: Attach a note to the item(s) you plan to donate to the Royal Gift Chest which states what it is (so Their Majesties understand it is intended as largesse for regifting, not as a gift for Their Majesties), and include your mundane name, SCA name, and mailing address.
  • Then: Hand it to a retainer at an event where there are Royals, or ship it to the Royal Gifts Coordinator (or other designated staff) for the Reign.

"A retainer is like a butler and personal secretary all rolled up into one. They take notes and gather contact information regarding gifts that are presented for personal thank you letters. They remind the Monarchs about Their schedule. A retainer may have to fetch items or locate individuals with whom the monarchs would like to speak.” -

What should I donate?

Please first read Their Royal Majesties' (and Highnesses') preferences & needs for largesse during Their Reign: [[1]]

More largesse ideas:

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