Robert Whitcome of Brandywine

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Resides: Owlsherst
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
"Per pale, Sable and Or, on a Sun in its Glory, a Rondel, all counter changed, an Orle gules."
Per pale, Sable and Or, on a Sun in its Glory, a Rondel, all counter changed, an Orle gules.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Laurel Companion of the East Kingdom Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Atlantian Order of the Pearl

Companion of the Windmasters Hill Order of the Boreas Founding Fellow • University of Atlantia Award of Arms


Robert Whitcome of Brandywine started with Calligraphy in January of 1972. He encountered the SCA the same spring, but due to minor problems like the Draft and being assigned to places where the SCA wasn't, my first event was in Storvic in 1977.


1500 English Scribe and Artist fighting against the Flemish Invasion. Garb is not a strong point.


Calligraphy and Scribal Arts


Classes Offered

Theoretical Calligraphy 1 • The Just shaping of letters

One (1) Hour.

This is a class for anyone who has had trouble learning how to shape a new calligraphic hand. It covers how to look at any alphabet and figure out how to shape it so that it looks like, i.e. has the same weight and feel, as the hand one is trying to copy. Various hands are discussed. The Roman carved into the Trajan Column is used as a model for understanding how the alphabet fits together.

Theoretical Calligraphy 3/4 • What Every Apprentice Should Know

…with a bit of history and design thrown in.

Two (2) Hours – with breaks.

This class is for anyone interested in visual arts in the SCA.

This is a combination of calligraphic history in the SCA, design theory, a budding class called “Lies my master told me!” That discusses many things in relationship to calligraphy from the shape of buildings and the formal hands that relate to them to the three primary colors as well as the other three primary colors and the other three primary colors and the four primary colors and the five primary colors. It asks the question “What is Art? And then attempts to answer the question…sort of. It asks the question “Is it possible to be authentic in materials AND attitude at the same time?”

What to bring:

  • A sense of humor.
  • An open mind.
  • Divergent opinions (I did not spend 30 years in the military, active and reserve, defending your right to agree with me!) This class improves with every question.
  • And of course, calligraphy pens and paper to take notes, or doodle on. Some simple color work, will be required. While I will have people create some pieces, no great artistic skill is needed. If one can make dots on a page and write ones name, one is skilled enough for this class.

WARNING: At one session, this class pulled the cooks out of the kitchen to participate, delaying the lunch.

Copyfitting and Scroll Layout & Design

Accurately know how much space is needed for the text in a scroll.

Offices & Positions

Herald, Shire of Attilium (Atlantia), January 1978 to March 1981

Herald, Shire of Von Sosse, April 1981 to sometime in 1984.

Guildmaster of Calligraphers, Carolingia, ~A.S. XX.

Seneschal, Quintavia, January 1985 to January 1987

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