Robert Fairfax

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Robert Fairfax
Resides: Shire of Eisental (Lehigh Valley, PA)
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per pale azure and argent, a chevron wavy between three roundels counterchanged
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Maunche Award of Arms


Bob was first exposed to the SCA by an Army buddy in San Antonio, TX (Barony of Bjornsburg, Ansteorra) in 1996. Thoroughly hooked, upon his return to central Pennsylvania he immediately began lurking at the fringes of the Shire of Nithgaard (State College, PA) in the then-Principality of AEthelmearc. Moving to the East in 1998, he has lived in Eisental ever since. Robert assists his wife Kass McGann in running their business, [Reconstructing History], and can usually be found at SCA events behind the counter in RH's shop. When not actively merchanting, Robert is an avid voice herald, assisting in courts and tournaments whenever possible. He is an artisan and Companion of the Maunche, apprenticed to Mistress Elwynne Rowenna of Wentworth. His portfolio may be viewed on his LiveJournal [Fairfax Files]. Interests include historical martial arts (the art of defence as practiced by Swetnam and Fabris), brewing (Bob is a brewing historian, card-carrying member of MBAA, professional brewmaster and brewing-industry consultant), metalworking (textile-arts tools such as pins, needles and accessories) and scribal arts (writing, not painting). He also holds two Queen's Honours of Distinction (Brenwen & Gabriella II).


Robert is an English merchant from Coventry for whom it is almost always 1586. The first HMS Vanguard has been launched, and he is hopeful of fair seas in the North Sea; safe transit from the Hanseatic ports to England mean greater profits. He and his wife Catherine have a townhouse and shop in Coventry; they also hold the manor of Lower Storping, north of the city between Bishop's Storping and Storping-in-the-Swough.

When it's not 1586, it's 1470-something. This can be ascertained when Bob is wearing 1470s-era clothing.