Ring Tilting

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This is a simple method for constructing arms to hold rings for ring tilting. This particular set is made to be strapped to the posts of an arena fence though you could easily make some sort of base to hold them up, or use an umbrella base or a pole bending base. This set is owned by Baron Duncan Kerr and Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick but was built, repaired, modified and updated by many people over it's long lifetime.

Photo by Laura Hamilton


  • 1.25" PVC for vertical posts
  • 1" PVC for arms
  • 1" PVC caps for arms
  • 1.25" to 1" PVC elbows
  • scrap wood for hangers, 1x3 or 1x4 pine.
  • JB Weld
  • PVC cement
  • 3/4" small round craft magnets (size not terribly important)
  • brass rings in various sizes, usually found in the floral section of craft stores
  • 3/4" washers (should be around the same size as the magnets)
  • electrical tape


Rings1.jpg Rings2.jpg Rings3.jpg Rings4.jpg Rings5.jpg

Cut the posts and arms to desired size.

Cut the scrap wood to size. Drill holes sufficient for the 1.25" PVC to slide through easily. JB Weld the craft magnets in place. Cement the elbows onto the arms. Do not cement elbows to posts - you want them to come apart so they're easy to pack. We don't cement the caps on the ends, so we can take them apart and replace or repair the wooden hangers when necessary. You can see one of the hangers above has been repaired with an additional block of wood screwed to the top after it broke.

Using a single layer of electrical tape, affix a washer to each brass ring. While the ring will stick to the magnet it tends to blow off in a breeze. The washer gives a greater surface for sticking to the magnet. Use brightly colored tape so it's easier to find the ring on the ground. Decorate as desired. Using a different color for each size of ring makes it a lot easier to tell them apart in the field. Not everyone can eyeball the difference between a 4" ring and a 5".