Richard Leviathan

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Resides: Barony of Smoking Rocks
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Award & Office Badges


Lord Richard Leviathan. Member 91-94 and 2003 to present.

Selected Awards: Award of Arms, Order of the Tygers Combatant, Order of the Leviathan, Order of the Rock, Companion of the Order of the Troubadours, Blue Tyger Legion (Freehold of River Keep), recognition of chivalry from the Ladies of the Rose (Crown Tourney).


Richard Leviathan has a multiple personality disorder this being said his main persona is a Czech Hussite born in Prague approx 1394 to a fishmonger's widow and a petty nobleman of whom he was a bastard. Richard the Leviathan or Ryzard Sugar (Richard Perch) was a soldier of fortune who first saw action in 1410 at the battle of Grunwald. He later heralded the call of the Hussite revolution. Somewhere on the way to Tabor he fell in with a heretical sect lead by a powerful personality and priest Peter Kanis. Richard was one of the 200 followers driven out of Prague. Kanis and 75 followers were then burned at the stake. Richard then took up with the groups new leader Adam Moses who founded a back to Eden movement of Adamites. This sect held up on a fortified island on the Nezerka River, and practiced nudism, communal property and free love. When they ran short of supplies they would go and raid villages. Jan Zizka put an end to them in 1421 at the battle of Tabor. Richard escaped to the city of Tabor and found shelter there. He then became a soldier in the city of Tabor and was killed at the battle of Lippany in 1434.

Offices & Positions

  • Deputy Seneshal Barony of Smoking Rocks 2005 to 2008
  • Knight Marshall Barony of Smoking Rocks 2007 to Present
  • Lord Protector Barony of Smoking Rocks 2009 year of
  • Arch forester of the barony of Smoking Rocks 2011 year of
  • Queens Guard Edward and Margurite

Event Staff

  • CO Autocrat Vineland Raids
  • Autocrat Barony Birthday Barony of Smoking Rocks
  • Feastocrat Passage of the Ice Weasel
  • Autocrat Passage of the Ice Weasel
  • Feastocrat Barony 12th night

Projects & Publications

Ran the experimental flail program for 2 years in the East Kingdom under direction of the Earl Marshal.

More Information

In society Richard is an arminger to Master Padraig Dubh MacEanruig and a Sargent in the Freehold of Riverkeep. He fights all heavy weapons forms. He is a big advocate of combat archery and enjoys it quite a bit. He has been know to shoot crossbow in target archery as well. He enjoys singing around the campfire and blacksmithing, armoring and making knives.