Raziya bint Rusa

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Taken at Rose Tourney, 2017
Resides: Barony of Carolingia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Raziya Color.jpg
Purpure, a serpent in annulo Or and on a chief argent three ravens sable
Award & Office Badges
Order of the MoonOrder of the DaystarQueen's Order of CourtesySovereign's CypherAward of ArmsCompanion of the Order of the Silver WheelCompanion of the Order of the MauncheCourtBaronyCompanion of the Order of the Silver CrescentCompanion of the Order of the Laurel


Mistress Raziya bint Rusa currently lives within the Barony of Carolingia, in the Canton of Aschehyrst. She is a member of House Fairhaven of the Midrealm, headed by Count William of Fairhaven. Rose Donatary of Dutchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaoláin. She was apprenticed to Mistress Alys Macintosh. She also is affiliated with the camping household of Sharc Pit, and can be found there at Pennsic.

Raziya is always happy to talk, teach, or geek about plants. Concerning Plants, she has or is currently researching: medicinal uses within SCA time period, gardening, medieval text resources, and plants within Persian culture. She teaches every year at Pennsic on varying topics and usually guides two days of the Weed Walk. She used to take court photographs at events, although is currently on a hiatus from that work. She started her career in the Midrealm as a heavy fighter, but gave it up due to a mundane injury. She has fond memories of heavy list, but does not plan on taking it back up due to current commitments.

Fun with a fixed 105mm for low light court shots. Photo credit: Angel Lundell


Raziya bint Rusa was a name chosen because it could potentially be Mughal. Although at this point Raziya is leaving her persona ambiguous, due to a passion for multiple Middle-Eastern and Central Asian cultures. She usually dresses as a Persian Lady, but will also use Indian garb in hot weather. Raziya used to be known as Ho'elun and was a Mongol while in the Middle Kingdom.

With my Rose. Photo credit: Probably Brenden Crane

Offices & Positions

  • Kings Champion of Arts & Sciences, East Kingdom, 02/11/2017 to end on 02/10/2018
  • Seneschal of Aschehyst, East Kingdom, 2014-term to end in 2018
  • Chatelaine of Tirnewydd, Middle Kingdom, 2007-2008

Projects & Publications

  • Arts & Sciences Research Paper #13: Persian Plants in Miniature: What are the Plants in Persian Illuminations?, East Kingdom Gazette, 09/30/2016
Sometimes I even make art too.

In Case of Court

Surprise is fine. I do not need scroll texts read out in court, if it would help court to run faster you may omit this. In case of second peerage, instead of having a representative from each peerage speak, feel free to ask the speakers if they support the candidate. I am happy to have the speaker's words in private, or summarized by the crown. I do not feel that I need a lot of time spent on me in court. Consult with Thomas of Effingham for best results.

More Information

Raziya's A&S work can be found online at On Plants.