Rampant Tyger Crowns

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Rampant Tyger Crowns
Creation Date: 2024
Maker: John Michael Thorpe
Status: Active


The Rampant Tyger Coronets were commissioned for the East by TRMs Matthias and Feilinn and were constructed by John Michael Thorpe, OL of Æthelmearc. They draw inspiration from both the Cariadoc Crowns for their simplicity and color and as well as the coronet worn by Cunigunde of Luxembourg, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. Screws on the backs of the crowns are subtle, low profile, and can adjust to a variety of head sizes.


The crowns were made with annealed sterling silver, amethyst, citrine, and blue onyx. Master Thorpe commented on the construction of the crowns and how he approached the project. “I think the thing I like to emphasize is how deeply three dimensional much of the period metalwork was, which really does not come through in all of the photographs you see of artifacts (which are typically done with very uniform light looking straight on) but is strikingly apparent when you look at them in person in museums. I used the ancient (at least 400 BC ) techniques of Chasing and Repoussé to form flat sheets into the deeply dimensional masters for the tyger castings. I find the best way to achieve a period look and feel is to use period techniques and tools when creating form.”

Customs molds were designed for the rampant tygers decorating the crowns and the center tyger passant. The tygers were cast in sterling silver specifically for this project.