Röskva Widowmaker

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Lady Röskva at Harper's Retreat 2021, "Newest Silver Tyger of the East", wearing garb and hedeby bag made by her.
Resides: Carolingia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms (AoA), The Consort's Award of Esteem, The Order of the Silver Tyger, The Order of the Silver Brooch

Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


Lady Röskva Widowmaker (formerly Röskva of Carolingia) (She/Her) has been a member of the society since Birka of 2017. She started heavy fighting in 2018, with GNEW being her first authorized event. She is a member of VDK and in the sub houses of Hrafnstormr and Meerstappa. Lady Roskva became a Companion-At-Arms (Person-At-Arms;Man-At-Arms) to Syr Culann mac Cianain at 100 Min War 2021, then became squired, along with her squire sister, Lady Sága Björnsdóttir, at War of the Roses 2022. Lady Roskva is interested in heavy fighting, brewing mead, and scribal arts.


Lady Röskva is a Varangian Warrior (11th C.) with Rus and Kiev influences, that collects the finest richest in the lands and is willing to trade her highly sought after mead or fight you for what she wants.


Offices & Positions

  • Sword of State Bearer- Brennan III and Caoilfhinn III, Rose's Tournament, 5/26/2018
  • Queen's Guard- Fortune, Pennsic, 2019
  • Retainer- Fortune, Pennsic, 2019
  • Retainer- Ryouko’jin and Indrakshi, 2022
  • Queen’s Guard (Consort's Guard)- Indrakshi, 2022
  • Deputy Favor Coordinator- Ryouko’jin and Indrakshi, 2022
  • Queen’s Guard (Consort's Guard)- Corotica, Present

Event Staff

  • State Dinner Bartender, Pennsic 49 (2022)
  • -


In Case of Court

Please notify:

  • Lady Roskva (Mundanely known as Kiki) prefers to be surprised.


(IG: roskva_widowmaker) [1]

  • Heavy List- Glaive and Spear primary
  • Brewing - Mead
  • Wood Block Printing
  • Scribal Arts
  • Queen's Guard
  • Marshaling

Other Interests

  • Jewelry Making
  • Coin Minting
  • Glass Blowing
  • Embroidery
  • Applique
  • All things Black & Yellow
  • Skulls
  • Bones & Oddities