Consort's Award of Esteem

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Award Information
Type: Other Award
Founded: 10/06/1996 by Elspeth
Renamed 01/25/2015 by Edward III and Thyra II
Revised December 5 A.S. 50, 2015, by Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II; revised September 22 A.S. 53, 2018, by Brennan III and Caoilfhionn III
Premiere(s): Gillian of the Greenwoods
Michel Almond de Champagne
Clothilde von der Insel
Recipients: Companions of the Order

The Consort's Award of Esteem may be awarded by the Consort, for any reason they deem worthy, in order to recognize an act, a series of acts, or general behavior that is not already properly recognized by other East Kingdom awards. This award will be given solely at the Consort’s discretion. A gentle may receive the Consort's Award of Esteem more than once, and no upper or lower limits on the number to be awarded per Reign will be imposed.

The Consort’s Award of Esteem includes all gentles who previously received the Queen’s Honour of Distinction or the Queen's Award of Esteem.


The Consort's Award of Esteem was established as the Queen's Honour of Distinction on October 6 A.S. 31, 1996, by Elspeth; renamed January 25 A.S. 49, 2015, by Edward III and Thyra II; and revised December 5 A.S. 50, 2015, by Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II.

Founded by edict of Queen Elspeth at her coronation. This was explicitly designed as a "catch-all" award to cover situations in which the Consort felt that no other award would be appropriate. This was in response to several awards Elspeth had seen over her long experience in which the statutes were "bent" or compromised to fit. The QHD was given entirely at the Consort's whim, for any act, series of acts, or pattern of behavior they feel moved to recognize. Recommendations are neither solicited nor accepted, and there are no quantity limits per individual or per reign. The token is traditionally, but not necessarily, crafted by the Consort's own hand. --Steffan ap Kennydd 18:28, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

The Award's name was changed due to SCA College of Arms' rules which required all Kingdom Awards be registered with the College of Arms. Changes in the naming conventions between the time this award was created as the Queen's Honour of Distinction and when the CoA required registration meant the name had to change. The new name was approved by Countess Elspeth. The name was further changed to reflect gender neutral language.


The token of the Consort's Award of Esteem is not defined, but will be specified in each Reign by the Consort and will be fashioned by the Consort's hand.

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