Order of the Portable Feast

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The Order of the Portable Feast is an honor begun by Duchess Nicorlynn of Caer Wydr, to encourage the display of elaborate table settings at East Kingdom Crown Tournament, Coronation, and Twelfth Night feasts. The current holders select the next recipients, and present them with a footed bowl and a scroll containing the names of all the previous recipients.

The OPF dates back to when the Principality of Atlantia was part of the East Kingdom. At some point, the scroll and bowl were misplaced when Atlantia became a kingdom in its own right. The bowl and scroll have been lost and recovered several times since then; the original bowl has been lost and replaced at least twice.

The original scroll is now in the keeping of the East Kingdom Archivist.

The text of the original scroll reads -

In order to encourage elegance and grace in dining among the people of this Kingdom, I, Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr, hereby establish

The Order of the Portable Feast

to be presented at the Crown Tournaments, Coronation Festivals, and Twelfth Night Celebration, to that person who there sets forth the best arrayed table for themselves, their households or the Kingdom. The tables shall be judged both on the quality of the food and on the state of the setting.

The holder of the order shall maintain the footed bowl, symbol of this order, and this scroll, which is its statute, and shall affix their name thereto.

The current holder, at the next event where this award shall be given, shall decide of his or her own opinion who, save themselves, shall be the next recipient of the order, and shall present it to them that day. If they are unable to attend said event, then shall they deliver this scroll and the footed bowl to some trusted person who shall act in their stead.

Done by my hand and first presented at Crown Tournament, 29 May, XI A.S.

Nicorlynn, Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr, OLM, OU, OS