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Resides: Barony of Endless Hills, Æthelmearc
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Per chevron azure and sable, a rapier inverted argent and overall an apple Or
Award & Office Badges
Award of ArmsAe alce.gifCourtBaronyCompanion of the Order of Defense
Fencing Marshal

Persona : 1590's Elizabethan England.

Po is the illegitimate son of Shakespearian actor/comic and London Master of Defense Richard Tarleton. Po learned both swordplay and theatre from his father and traveled England and Europe with various theatrical troups. After winning ownership of the galleon "The Muse's Call" in a card game, Po was granted a Letter of Marque by Queen Elena the First of Aethelmearc. For his service to the Crowns, rapier, and heraldic/scribal communities of multiple kingdoms, Po was created a Court Baron of both the Kingdom of the East and the Kingdom of Aethelmearc.

Po can generally be found in "Eastlemearc" - that nebulous border region on the eastern edge of Aethelmearc and the southern edge of the Kingdom of the East, where it's often more convenient to 'jump the border' and play in the neighboring kingdom than in the distant sections of one's own.

Po is currently:

- a Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal (Aethelmearc)

- White Scarf of Aethelmearc Herald (Aethelmearc herald to the rapier community, especially for rapier tournaments such as QRC)

- Wordsmith Deputy to the Scribal College of Aethelmearc

Po is also Zule Herald/"Voice of the Hills" (Baronial Herald for the Barony of the Endless Hills, Aethelmearc) and Baronial Captain of Rapiers.

Po has previously been:

- Queen's Rapier Champion to Her Majesty Gabrielle Van Nijenrode IV (Aethelmearc)

- Commander of the Mearcfels unit and the Northern Irregulars unit of the AE Rapier Army.

- Baronial Rapier Champion of the Barony of the Endless Hills, Aethelmearc.

- Regional rapier marshal and regional herald.

Marshal in charge :

Pennsic Aethelmearc Rapier Novice Tourney (each year since 2005)

Pennsic Rapier Cadet Tourney (each year since 2014)

AESwim Rapier Marshal in charge 2016 - 2019

Autocrat: New Year's Resolutions (each year since 2010)

Multiple other instances of Baronial event-Level rapier MIC and Baronial Court presiding Herald.

Projects & Publications

As wordsmith, Po has contributed to more than 150 scrolls in more than three Kingdoms

In Case of Court

In the event of Court ambush, kindly alert Po's wife Abigail Greywolf (mka Jessica), any of his past or present cadets, Master Fergus of Aethelmearc, and the Sylvan Crown of Aethelmearc.

With one exception, Po has never been called into Court without some variation of the phrase "with some/great trepidation".

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