Phonetic Roll

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Expanded and updated from the original Pronunciation Guide compiled by Master Steffan of Silverwing

Important Note: Some Crowns strike the name Aonghais from the Roll of Kings and Queens of the East. Be certain to check with your Crown first before reading the name!

# Crown Pronounced
1 Maragorn and Adrienne [MAIR-a-gorn and ah-dree-ENN]
2 Bruce and Florence [BROOSS and FLAW-renss]
3 Alpin and Morgana [AL-pin and mohr-GAH-nah]
4 Akbar I and Khadijah I [AHK-bar the First and KAH-dih-zhah the First]
5 Murad and Fatima [MOOR-ahd and FAT-imm-uh]
6 Akbar II and Khadijah II [AHK-bar the Second and KAH-dih-zhah the Second]
7 Rakkurai and Maureen [RAH-kur-rai and maw-REEN]
8 Cariadoc I and Diana I [ka-RAI-a-doc / CARRY-a-doc the First and dye-ANNA the First]
9 Jehan and Lauryan [zhe-HAHN and LORRY-ann]
10 Akbar III and Khadijah III [AHK-bar the Third and KAH-dih-zhah the Third]
11 Finvarr and Caellyn [FIN-vahr and KAYEL-in]
12 Aonghais I and Alyson [AHN-gus the First and AL-ih-sun] see note above
13 Asbjorn I and Eloise [AHZ-byorn the First and EL-owe-eez]
14 Cariadoc II and Diana II [ka-RAI-a-doc / CARRY-a-doc the Second and dye-ANNA the Second]
15 Asbjorn II and Brekke [AHZ-byorn the Second and BREK-uh]
16 Aonghais II and Ysabeau [AHN-gus the Second and EESS-a-boe] see note above
17 Alaric and Yseult [AL-a-rik and ee-SERLT / ee-SAULT]
18 Laeghaire and Ysabeau II [LAYR and EESS-a-boe the Second]
19 Fernando and Ianthe [fair-NAHN-doe and ee-AHN-thay / ee-AHN-tay]
20 Frederick and Nicorlynn [FRED-er-ik and NIK-oar-lin]
21 Gyrth and Melisande [GERTH and mel-ih-SAHND]
22 Bertrand and Allanda [bair-TRAHND and a-LAHN-da]
23 Seanan and Aidan [SHAWN-un / SHAN-an and AY-den]
24 Vissevald I and Embla [VIZ-uh-vawld the First and EM-bla]
25 Gavin I and Tamera [GAVV-in the First and TAM-uh-ra]
26 Michael and Carissa [MIKE-ul and ka-RISS-a]
27 Siegfried I and Wanda I [SIG-freed / ZIG-freed the First and WAUN-da the First]
28 Aelfwine and Arastorm [ELF-wine and ARRA-storm]
29 Hasdrubal I and Kunegunda I [HAHZ-droo-bal the First and koon-a-GUHN-da (-GUHN- has the sound of -oo- in "look") the First]
30 Siegfried II and Wanda II [SIG-freed / ZIG-freed the Second and WAUN-da the Second]
31 Vissevald II and Mara [VIZ-uh-vawld the Second and MAH-rah]
32 Viktor and Sedalia I [VIK-tor and se-DALE-yuh the First]
33 Hasdrubal II and Amber [HAZ-droo-bal the Second and AM-ber]
34 Hanno and Kunegunda II [HAH-no and koon-uh-GUHN-da (-GUHN- has the sound of -oo- in "look") the Second]
35 Morgunn I and Rowan I [MOHR-gun the First and ROE-un / roe-AIN the First]
36 Siegfried III and Wanda III [SIG-freed / ZIG-freed the Third and WAUN-da the Third]
37 Ronald I and Bronwyn I [RON-uld the First and BRONN-win the First]
38 Sebastian and Sirillian [seh-BAST-chun and seh-RILL-yun]
39 Randal I and Marieke I [RAN-dul the First and mah-REE-kah the First]
40 Morgunn II and Rowan II [MOHR-gun the Second and ROE-un / roe-AIN the Second]
41 Gavin II and Sedalia II [GAVV-in the Second and seh-DALE-yuh the Second]
42 Randal II and Katherine I [RAN-dul the Second and KATH-rin the First]
43 Morgunn III and Maurya [MOHR-gun the Third and mah-RAI-uh]
44 Horic and Lea [HOHR-ik and LEE-a]
45 Ronald II and Bronwyn II [RON-uld the Second and BRONN-win the Second]
46 Rhys and Elaina [REESS and eh-LAY-na]
47 Randal III and Katherine II [RAN-dul the Third and KATH-rin the Second]
48 Balfar I and Luna I [BAL-fahr the First and LOO-na the First]
49 Ruslan and Margaret [ROOSS-lahn and MAR-gret]
50 Lucan I and Jana I [LOO-kan the First and JAN-a the First]
51 Tsuranaga and Genevieve [tsoo-roo-NAH-ga and zhon-V'YEV]
52 Gregor I and Christence I [GREG-ohr the First and KRIS-tense the First]
53 Lucan II and Jana II [LOO-kan the Second and JAN-a the Second]
54 Gregor II and Christence II [GREG-ohr the Second and KRIS-tense the Second]
55 Timothy I and Gabrielle I [TIM-uth-ee the First and gah-bree-EL the First]
56 Balfar II and Luna II [BAL-fahr the Second and LOO-na the Second]
57 Bjorn and Morgen [b'YORN and MOHR-gun]
58 Lucan III and Elspeth [LOO-kan the Third and EL-speth]
59 Hanse I and Moruadh I [HAHNSS the First and MOHR-ah the First]
60 Lucan IV and Caitlin [LOO-kan the Fourth and KATE-lin]
61 Timothy II and Gabrielle II [TIM-uth-ee the Second and gah-bree-EL the Second]
62 Brion I and Anna I [BRY-un the First and ANN-a the First]
63 Hanse II and Moruadh II [HAHNSS the Second and MOHR-ah the Second]
64 Lucan V and Marieke II [LOO-kan the Fifth and ma-REE-kah the Second]
65 Balfar III and Luna III [BAL-fahr the Third and LOO-nah the Third]
66 Andreas I and Isabella I [ahn-DRAY-us the First and iz-a-BELL-ah the First]
67 Hanse III and Olivia [HAHNSS the Third and o-LIV-ee-ah]
68 Lucan VI and Yana III (Jana III) [LOO-kan the Sixth and YAH-nah the Third]
69 Darius I and Roxane I [DAIR-ee-uss the First and rox-AHN-uh the First]
70 Andreas II and Isabella II [ahn-DRAY-us the Second and iz-a-BELL-ah the Second]
71 Darius II and Roxane II [DAIR-ee-uss the Second and rox-AHN-uh the Second]
72 Balfar IV and Luna IV [BAL-fahr the Fourth and LOO-nah the Fourth]
73 Gaufred Kelson I and Geneviere I [GAW-fred KEL-sun the First and ZHAWN-vee-Ev the First]
74 Thorvald and Svava [THOR-vahld and SVAH-vah]
75 Gaufred Kelson II and Geneviere II [GAW-fred KEL-sun the Second and ZHAWN-vee-Ev the Second]
76 Darius III and Roxane III [DAIR-ee-uss the Third and rox-AHN-uh the Third]
77 Brion II and Anna II [BRY-un the Second and ANN-a the Second]
78 Lucan VII and Jana IV [LOO-kan the Seventh and YAH-nah the Fourth]
79 Griffith I and Aikaterine I [GRIFF-ith the First and aye-kaht-er-EEN-eh the First]
80 Andreas III and Gabriella I [aahn-DRAY-us the Third and gah-bree-ELL-ah the First]
81 Konrad I and Brenwen I [KON-rad the First and BREN-wen the First]
82 Darius IV and Alethea [DAIR-ee-us the Fourth and al-ah-THEE-ah]
83 Andreas IV and Gabriella II [aahn-DRAY-us the Fourth and gah-bree-ELL-ah the Second]
84 Konrad II and Brenwen II [KON-rad the Second and BREN-wen the Second]
85 Edward I and Marguerite [(ED-ward the First and Mar-ge-REET ]
86 Griffyth II and Aikaterine II [GRIFF-ith the Second and aye-kaht-er-EEN-eh the Second]
87 Lucan VIII and Jana V [LOO-kan the Eighth and YAH-nah the Fifth]
88 Gregor III and Kiena I [GREG-ohr the Third and KEN-nah the First]
89 Kenrick I and Avelina I [KEN-rick the First and av-uh-LEEN-nah the First]
90 Edward II and Thyra [ED-ward the Second and THYR-ah]
91 Gregor IV and Kiena II [GREG-ohr the Fourth and KEN-nah the Second]
92 Kenric II and Avelina II [KEN-rick the Second and av-uh-LEE-nah the Second]
93 Brennan I and Caoilfhionn I [BREN-an the First and KEE-lin the First]
94 Edward III and Thyra II [ED-ward the Third and THYR-ah the Second]
95 Omega V and Etheldreda IV [oh-MEH-Ga the Fifth and Eth-ell-DREA-da the Fourth]
96 Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II [BREN-an the Second and KEE-lin the Second]
97 Kenric III and Avelina III [KEN-rick the Third and av-uh-LEE-nah the Third]
98 Brion III and Anna III [BRY-un the Third and ANN-a the Third]
99 Ioannes and Honig [Eye-OH-ness and HOE-nig]
100 Ivan and Matilde [EYE-ven and Ma-TILLED]
101 Brennan III and Caoilfhionn III [BREN-an the Third and KEE-lin the Third]
102 Wilhelm and Vienna [WILL-helm and Vee-EN-nah]
103 Ozurr and Fortune [AWZ-er and FOR-chewn]
104 Margarita [Mar-gah-REE-tah]
105 Tindal and Alberic [TIN-dole and AL-ber-rick]
106 Ioannes II and Honig II [Eye-OH-ness the second and HOE-nig the second]
107 Ryouko’jin and Indrakshi [Die-OO-koe-jean and In-DRAK-shee]
108 Mohammad and Corotica [MUH-hah-mahd and Coe-roe-TEE-ka}