Pennsic War

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Location: Cooper's Lake Campground Æthelmearc
Date: End of July to the Beginning of August


  • Pennsic is a two week event, the largest in the known world, attended by Royalty and populace from every kingdom. It is a two week event, with peace week starting in July, and war week consisting of the first full week of August. Peace week is spent on classes, social activities, and martial practice. War week includes these as well, but also includes a large number of martial activities, with the two sides contesting for war point to determine the victor. Although the war started as a contest between the East and Middle Kingdoms, with "the loser to get Pittsburgh", the alliances for each side are now determined by their Majesties each year.


There is a common legend about Pennsic that it was started by Duke Cariadoc being the only king to declare war against himself, and then lose. Unfortunately, this holds only a grain of truth. Cariadoc, a former king of the Midrealm, was the ambassador to the East from the Mid who delivered the challenge to Shogun Rakkurai, who immediately accepted it. By the time the first war actually occurred,however, Cariadoc had become king of the East. This was in AS 7 (1972). The war has happened every year since in several different locations before settling at Cooper's Lake Campground in AS 12 (1977).


  • Besides being the largest collection of classes on both period and SCA appropriate skills and the largest collection of SCA martial activities, Pennsic is known for excellent periodish shopping, and a large number of parties. In addition, there are numerous performances by many of the known world's artists, including Bardic circles, dances, and stage performances by the Known World Players and multiple Commedia dell'arte troupes, including i Sebastiani.


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