Pennsic 16

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Location: Marche-Debatable Lands
Date: Aug 8-16, 1987


The 16th Pennsic. This occurrence has been called Queen Eislinn's Pennsic, or Eislinn's War.


The much loved Queen Eislinn of the Midrealm was fighting what she knew was the last stages of a valiant battle against cancer, but her doctors gave the go ahead for her to attend what they, and she, knew would be her last Pennsic. All the fighters of the world wanted to fight for her at Pennsic, so it was the Knowne World against the East, Acre and the Tuchux. Despite a valiant fight, our vastly outnumbered side was defeated, and Her honor guard captured our banner. That evening, in Court, they proudly presented it to her. She took it from them, and turned to our Eastern Queen Marieke and gave it to her, conceding that War point to us because, she said, "I also know what it is to fight a war I cannot win."

The entire room got to our feet. We stood on our benches, chanting her name, crying.

Mount Eislinn, recently added as a camping location, was named in the Queen's honor, and has entered the mundane record at the USGS.



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