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Ormhildr Linudottir
Resides: Stonemarche
Status: Active
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Per saltire argent and sable, a compass star azure and a serpent erect tail nowed sable
Award & Office Badges

Resides in the seacoast area of the Barony of Stonemarche


Amy’s first event was Crown List in Trimaris while in college in 1989. She enjoys events here in her home of the East Kingdom better, where the weather and insect life is much more to her liking.


Ormhildr Linudottir OM-illd LEE-new-dot-ear Called ‘Emy’ She/Her

Emy is a Viking persona who likes wearing clothes from many times and places.


Sewing, embroidery and weaving, including making the tools to sew, embroider and weave with. Throwing axes, knives, spears and plumbata as well as making them and targets to throw them at.

In Case of Court

In case of court, please tell Kristin Hall at She enjoys surprises, but dosen’t require them.

Contact me:

Facebook: Amy Wrisley Email: