Order of Precedence

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The Order of Precedence

The Order of Precedence is the master list of Awards given in the East Kingdom and Awards given to Eastern populace, as well as some non-award information such as the Shield of Chivalry. This monumental task is managed by the Shepherd's Crook Herald, a deputy to the Brigantia Principal Herald. The OP can be viewed Here.

Precedence as a concept

Precedence is the concept that a Duke outranks a Count, who outranks a Viscount, etc. The Order of Precedence serves a very important role. It tells you who has which awards, and from this you can also see who has precedence over whom. Heralds historically tracked such information, and the Eastern College does as well.

There are several distinct areas where precedence is used. The procession of the entrants into Crown Tournament is organized by Precedence. The initial seeding of the tournament is also determined (mostly) by Precedence. When participants enter the lists, precedence may be used to determine who chooses the weapon form. In Curia the Order of Precedence determines the order of he Officer Reports for Greater Officers of the East. At a feast, the persons with the highest precedence give the toasts in order of their precedence.

  • Note: By tradition the Landed Baronage in their own lands are second only to the Royalty present and generally toast the King and Queen.

Precedence, as practiced in the East.


(Note: Groups 3, 7, 21, and 24 are not in use. The Kingdom of the East has no Principalities.)
  • 1. King & Queen of the East
  • 2. Kings and Queens of other Kingdoms, and their ambassadors, in order of the age of the Kingdom.
  • 3. Prince & Princess of Eastern Principalities, (if the Kingdom has multiple Principalities they are organized by the oldest Principality first.)
  • 4. Crown Prince & Princess of the East
  • 5. Foreign landed Princes, Princess, and their ambassadors.
  • 6. Foreign Royal heirs
  • 7. Eastern Principality heirs
  • 8. Foreign Principality heirs
  • 9. Greater Officers of State, in this order:
    • I. The Kingdom Seneschal
    • II. The Brigantia Principal Herald
    • III. The Kingdom Earl Marshall
    • IV. The Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer
    • V. The Kingdom Chronicler
    • VI. The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
    • VII. The Kingdom Minister of the Lists
    • VIII. The Tyger Clerk of the Signet
    • IX. The Kingdom Chatelaine
    • X. The Kingdom Chancellor Minor
    • XI. The Kingdom Webminister.
  • 10. Lesser Officers of State, by age of their office.
  • 11. Duchy rank, by date of investiture
  • 12. County rank, by date of investiture
  • 13. Viscounty rank, by date of investiture
  • 14. Holders of Patents of Arms (Knight, Laurel, Pelican, Rose, and Defense) by date of elevation
  • 15. Viceroy & Vicereine of the Crown Providence of Østgarðr and the Landed Barons of the East by age of their Barony’s founding:
    • I. The Crown Province of Ostgardr
    • II. The Barony of Carolingia
    • III. The Barony Beyond the Mountain
    • IV. The Barony of Bhakail
    • V. The Barony of the Bridge
    • VI. The Barony of Dragonship Haven
    • VII. The Barony of Concordia of the Snows
    • VIII. The Barony of Settmour Swamp
    • IX. The Barony of Carillion
    • X. The Barony of Stonemarche
    • XI. The Barony of Ruantallan
    • XII. The Barony of Bergental
    • XIII. The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn
    • XIV. The Barony of Havre des Glaces
    • XV. The Barony of Smoking Rocks
    • XVI. The Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant
    • XVII. The Barony of Iron Bog
    • XVIII. The Barony of Endewearde
  • 16. Retired landed barons, by date of accession
    • Note that retired landed Baronage outrank holders of a Grant of Arms even if they never received a Grant when stepping up or stepping down from the Baronial Throne
  • 18. Orders of High Merit (Maunche, Tygers Combattant, Silver Crescent, Sagittarius, Golden Lance, and Golden Rapier) by date of inclusion in the order.
    • This group includes members of Foreign Kingdom Grant-bearing Orders such as Midrealm's Order of the Bronze Ring or The Cross of Calontir.
  • 19. Holders of a Grant of Arms, by date of grant, who are also Court Barons.
  • 20. Holders of a Grant of Arms, by date of grant, who are not Court Barons.
  • 21. Court Barons (without Grants of Arms) by date of award
  • 22. Kingdom Armigerous awards, by date of inclusion (Silver Rapier, Apollo's Arrow, Silver Brooch, Silver Tyger, and Silver Wheel)
    • This group includes members of Foreign Kingdom Armigerous Orders.
  • 23. Principality armigerous awards, by date of inclusion
  • 24. Holders of Awards of arms, by date of award
  • 25. Kingdom non-armigerous awards (also called awards of honor), by date of award.
  • 26. Principality non-armigerous awards, by date of award.
  • 27. Baronial awards, by date of award.


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