On the Elevation of Angus Kerr

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This is in the style of "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight," and is particularly evocative of the first stanza of that poem. Written in honor of Baron Angus Kerr’s elevation to the Order of the Laurel. Read at his Baronial Court at the War of the Roses in AS44.

Since these tiresome times were protested in the West
The era’s foes founded a new-formed society –
Some of them settled on the sun-drenched shores,
Others went Eastward past Ostgardr’s towers
These folk emblazoned their banner with a beast unrivaled
The taut-sinewed tiger, terrible and fierce.
The leaders of this land, a line of great monarchs,
Set over their subjects sage-like nobles
Barons and baronesses who were brave and honorable,
Tireless protectors of territory and folk.
Brightest of these Baronies lay on the Border West
And was called Concordia of the cold snows
Its baron was the bearer of a black-hued spear
A clever craftsman – a carpenter and framer,
Well-spoken and wise, a wealth of knowledge
       and lore!
We call him Angus Kerr
The King’s man to the core
The laurel leaves he’ll wear
A Master evermore

©2009 Dan Marsh