On the Death of Viscount Kylson

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Written by Toki Redbeard in drottkvaett. On June 19, A.S. 39, Viscount Sir Kylson Skyfyre, OL, OP, first Prince of Oertha, passed away suddenly immediately after claiming the victory in a bear pit tourney at Eskalya's Viking Games event. News of his death was sent East from Baron Bjarni Eðvarðarson, who later traveled briefly to the East in person. The words of the second stanza—with only the most minimal changes—are Bjarni’s.

Swift the sailboat dwarven;
songs bring chieftain’s word-fame.
I never knew the war-prince,
never met in spear-fight.
Though not close, our keel-cuts,
Kylson, I hear praises.
Sounding across wide land-sea,
songs are heard of mourning.

In the words of the poet Bjarni Eðvarðarson:
Let this stand the moment;
tonight in the bear pit
the chalked circle was filled
with lilacs and daisies.
Two candles were burning
bright in their glass chimneys
And there were butterflies.
We have lost a giant.

© Michael Dixon