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Lady Nyfain
Resides: The Royal Forrest of the Rusted Woodlands
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Per pale vert and sable a greyhound sejent affronty with the head turned to sinster argent, two oak leaves or in chief
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


Registered name: Domina Nemania filia Hweli (as an educated Welshwoman of the time I would always use Latin, in common tongue I am Lady Nyfain merch Coel,Order of the Silver Brooch.My motto is Si illic est avcaarcha, quae est extra illum, in welsh Os oes blwch, mae hi y tu allan iddi. So that all know it: "If there is a box, she is outside of it."


Nyfain is of the Welsh maritime mountains, in the early 600's. She is the daughter of Coel, one of the Welsh Barons of Arthur Pendragon's court.She was given in marriage to a Southern British Lord in the time before the fall of Camlan, but after the upheaval, they retired to separate estates and have since had little to do with one another in the way of such "arrangements".She tends to her demosene lands with great success as a femme sole, an option enjoyed by Welshwomen, that would not be available to their British sisters.She has made trading alliances with the raiding Northmen, rather than fall prey to them, has traveled to their courts and trading centers and enjoys wearing the dress of the so called Vikings. For additional martial protection of her lands she has sought service with the mighty CDIV. Such unusual prosperity has given Nyfain a good deal of time to pursue her interests in sport, dance, letters, needlework and the arts of the scribe. She has not forgotten the glory of Arthur's court and is dedicated to preserving the Tales of the Once and Future King.

Offices & Positions

  • Dance Ministress, Rusted Woodlands
  • A&S Officer, Rusted Woodlands

Event Staff

  • One Hundred Minutes War, general staff and Scribe for Heavy Weapons
  • Novice/Newcomers Day, general staff, Scribe for Heavy weapons, and Day Consort for new fighters
  • Guest Dance coordinator: East Kingdom 12th Night, Coronation of Gregore and Keina I, Mudthaw, Black Griffon Inn

Projects & Publications

  • Pennsic Classes taught
    • The Tales of King Arthur Pennsic 36-39
    • The Books of Hours; Pennsic 39
    • Maxmillian in Innsbruck Pennsic 40
  • Tableaux of the Lady and Unicorn tapestry, including the dress and background, live model at Pennsic 40
  • Scribal Improvements, a redo of a scribal piece using everything learned at the Aethylmearc scribal college, point by point.Pennsic 42
  • My living Arms, a soft sculpture of a Greyhound on the background as a pillow, Pennsic 46
  • Ongoing projects of mine include establishing Tourney scrolls for 100 Minutes war, AE War, and Newcomers Day as well as the smaller Rusted Woodlands Tourneys. I truly enjoy trying my hand at scrolls that have no established format, those that haven't been done before.

More Information

Happy member of the Guild of Photographers, has been joyously stealing souls since forever.

always can be counted upon to sew a few Queens favors

Has won many NEWC embroidery competitions

Has won even more Dancing Fox dressed Fox competitions, and holds the distinction having named the Great Magnus Vulpes.