Northern Region Arts and Science Champion

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Northern Region Arts and Science Championship

This is an annual Arts and Science event is held somewhere in the Northern region of the East Kingdom. In order to enter, you must live in the Northern region. The winner of the competition is tasked to run next year's competition at any Northern region event of their choosing. It is recommended to use the kingdom rubric so people can use it as a training ground for Kingdom level competition.

Northern Region A&S Sash Back.jpg


This competition was created sometime around 2010 by Albreda Aylese in order to support, encourage, and recognize the A&S community of the Northern Region. At one point, it was called the Northern Peaks Region Arts and Science Championship.


The original idea was that the winner would receive a scroll, a special token from the previous winner, which sometimes was a medallion, and the sash. When passing along the award, the winner should create a special token, add their name the the back of the sash in some way, and have a scroll created for the next recipient. Somewhere over the course of time, this tradition was lost, but the sash is still passed down.

List of Champions by Year