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Esclarmonde playing harp for the enjoyment of her guests
Resides: Moulin du Portage, Chaudière-Appalaches (Québec)
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Noritake Yanagi (Japanese persona) also known as Esclarmonde (Renaissance)

Got introduced to the SCA in 2005.


Noritake is a Japanese Noble woman from the Yanagi Household, as well as a friend and previous member of the clan Lotus-no-Chi. I enjoy art in all its forms. I sing, play music on multiple instruments (harp, koto, flute, guitar), do leather carving, silk & cotton painting, calligraphy, illuminated lettering (aquarelle or acrylic), gold and silver leafing (gilding); sewing Japanese and Renaissances clothes, do fabric embroidery beading and jewelry. If it involves creativity, I want to learn it !

I might seem shy at first, but if you show me your creations or join me for a cup of tea, we might become friends.

Offices & Positions

- **upcoming**

Event Staff

- **upcoming**

Projects & Publications

Matsuri Festival Masks.png Masks for the Matsuri Festival I organized, Autumn of 2020

In Case of Court

I would like to be notified of future court attendances by pigeon post

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