Non-Alcoholic Beverage Primary Sources

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Non-alcoholic beverages may yet be as interesting to the artisan as alcoholic beverages. These include vinegars, nut milks, dairy beverages, malt beverages, and others.


Name Date Country Language English Translation Description Panels
Naturalis Historia by Pliny 79 CE Rome Classical Latin 1601 translation, [1855], others exist. this 20th century translation is more complete.[1855], others exist. A survey of the natural world, contains references to vinegar in chapters 21, .
al-Kitab al-Ṭabīḫ of Abu Muhammad al-Muthaffar ibn Nasr ibn Sayyār al-Warrāq 900-1000 CE Iraq Arabic available, in print The earliest known Arabic cookbook, it has several beverage and vinegar recipes in it. Almond Fuqqa
Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook 1200-1300 CE Andalusia Arabic Available This cookbook contains many recipes for syrup drinks, notably, sekenjabin.
Le ménagier de Paris 1393 CE France French available, in print A guidebook for women running a household.
Das Kochbuch der Sabina Welserin 1553 CE Germany German Available This cookbook on German cuisine contains recipes for vinegars.
The commonplace book of Countess Katherine Seymour Hertford 1567 England English (in English) This book contains a selection of medicinal and culinary recipes at the end, including vinegars.
The English Huswife 1623 England English (in English) Barely post-period, this cookbook contains a recipe for malt vinegar.

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