Nathan Hartman

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Nathan Hartman in his forge

Nathan Hartman in his forge
Resides: Barony of Endewearde
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Quarterly sable and azure, a cross parted and fretted argent
Award & Office Badges
Template:Viscounty CourtBarony Companion of the Order of the Maunche Award of Arms


Viscount Nathan Hartman began his SCA career in the then Shire of Endewearde in 2002. He moved to The West Kingdom in 2007 and lived for many years in the Principality of Oertha (Alaska) in The Kingdom of the West, where he was honored to reign as Prince and receive his Viscounty. He lived for a time in Meridies before returning to the Barony of Endewearde in 2022, where he resides today.

He is currently retired from heavy fighting, and is instead dedicating his time to the arts and sciences as a bladesmith. He received his Maunche in 2023, and is currently serving as the Sovereign's A&S Champion.

In addition to smithing, Nathan enjoys brewing meads, ciders, and wines, and is a member of the EK Brewer's Guild.

Nathan is apprenticed to Mistress Kinehild le librari of Oertha (West), and is fostered to Mistress Sylvia Du Vey


Nathan Hartman is from 14th Century Germany, Specifically from the Nuremberg region. He is married to Mistress Lilla æt Sceaphylle and the two have a daughter, Alexandra.

Member of the household of Syr Cedric of Thanet (Thanet House)

Member of the household of Sir Cyrus Aurelius (Comitatus, West)

Projects & Publications

Kingdom A&S 2022 Type II Seax

Kingdom A&S 2023 (Finalist) Reproduction of an Elizabethan Knife

Roses tournament 2023 15th Century Eating Knife "The Needle"

Kingdom A&S 2024 (Won) 15th Century Bollock Knife

Tractatus Folio 20r Mead

In Case Of Court

Nathan Likes surprises, so please don't notify him directly of a court summons if possible. Instead please notify Mistress Lilla æt Sceaphylle and/or Mistress Sylvia Du Vey for a court summons. They also have access to Nathan's ICOP.