Muireadhach Ó Cuileannáin

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Lord Muireadhach Ó Cuileannáin of Cheshire House
Resides: Barony of Buckland Cross
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Muireadhach Heraldry.jpg
Per pale azure and vert, two horses combatant between in pale a badger passant and a crescent argent
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger
Knight Marshal Part of the Black Hand


Lord Muireadhach Ó Cuileannáin, formerly known as Murdock of Buckland Cross.

Knight Marshal of Buckland Cross and squire to Sir Harold Hokonson of North Umbria and apprentice to Master Muin maqq Minain.

Muireadhach is a fighter, artisan, and servant of the East. He is a member of Iron Bog's Order of the Baroness's Silver Ring. Recently he has been inducted into the Order of the Silver Brooch for Metal Etching, see examples below.


15th Century Irish


Offices & Positions

  • Queen's Guard, Matilde, Oct 2017 to April 2018
  • Deputy Knight Marshal, Barony of Buckland Cross, Aug 2019 to Jan 2019
  • Knight Marshal, Barony of Buckland Cross, Jan 2019 to present
  • Queen's Guard, Ro Honig Von Summerfeldt II, Aug 2021 to present

Event Staff

  • Co-Event Steward, Artisan's Village/Baronial Rattan and Rapier Championships, June 2019

Metal Work Projects

Medallions for the Officers of the Barony of Buckland Cross

Chasing and Repoussé Rose Project, made in 20g Copper

Chasing and Repoussé Maunch Project, made in 20g Copper

Tokens for Their Excellencies Buckland Cross, Aurddeilen and Sigridh

Etching Examples

  • Further Examples of work: [Media]

In Case of Court

  • Please contact my Knight, Sir Harold Hokonson.
  • Pronouns: He/Him/His or They/Them
  • Preferred Title: Lord or Tiarna
  • Please No Christian symbolism or Saint's Days.
  • Ethereal Court: No