Muin Baronage

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Baron Muin.jpg
Muin maqq Minain, Baron of Bhakail
Baron: Muin maqq Minain
Baroness: None
Baronage of: Bhakail
Preceded by: Ysmay (Vicar)
Succeeded by: Presently Seated


Invested by Queen Margarita on December 14th, A.S. LIV (2019) at Yule XLI and Baronial Investiture in the Barony of Bhakail. The ninth Baron of Bhakail.



Baronial Champion-at-Arms

Populace Champion-at-Arms

Baronial Rapier Champion

Populace Rapier Champion

Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion

Baronial Brewing Champion

Baronial Bardic Champion

Baronial Gaming Champion

  • Taichleach Eoghanacht, 2022-2023
  • Maistresse Marie de Blois, 2021-2022 (extended term)
  • Maistresse Marie de Blois, 2020-2021
  • Guillaume de St. Ferriol, 2019-2020

Baronial Archery Champion

Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion


Baronial Signet

Court Herald

Baronial Brewmaster

  • Lord Osric Feologildsson

Admiral of the Bhakail Navy

Baronial Privateer Captain

Guardian of the Southern Marches

Court Magician

Company Captain of Archers

  • Lord Cynon Mac an Choill

Captain of Combat Archers