Morwenna verch Madoc

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Resides: Shire of Mountain Freehold
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Aerona's Arms.png
Per bend sinister azure and vert, a garb Or and a boar rampant argent
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel


Though my parents named me Morwenna, I go by Aerona. I've been in the SCA since 2006, though have become more active since 2016. I'm more of a dabbler than delver, and so far have found enjoyment in heavy list, cooking, illumination and calligraphy, archery, brewing, and forestry.


Madoc and Maderun were successful farmers in the Welsh kingdom of Dyfed in the late 9th century. They grew wheat and raised horses, both valuable commodities for the Norse traders who had growing settlements in the towns of Haverfordwest and Milford Haven on the river Cleddau. Their firstborn, a daughter they named Morwenna (meaning 'maiden'), was known for her appetite, work ethic, and penchant for getting into scrapes. As a young woman the townsfolk dubbed her Aerona, a feminized version of Aeron, the god of battle and slaughter.

After his wife and son died in childbed, Madoc sponsored Svalinn, one of the gwyr Dulyn (men from Dublin) who settled in the port towns after the Irishmen retook Dublin in 902. The young man proved to be a valuable asset to the family; he was a hard worker and was able to ensure fair prices for their horses with the Norsemen with his congeniality and smooth talking. Though unusual, Madoc allowed Svalinn to marry his only heir. They had grown smitten with each other while working the fields, and with his failing health, Madoc wanted to ensure his daughter would be able to keep the family farm, as Welsh law did not typically permit daughters to inherit land.

As a Welshwoman married to a Viking, Aerona appreciates aspects of both cultures. While she can usually be found wearing the attire of a Norsewoman, she prefers Celtic art.


Offices & Positions

Event Staff

  • Food prepper, server, washer of dishes, carrier of things, and tender of fires at numerous events.

Current Projects

Currently planning a large period feast. Experimenting with mead. Wanting to improve my illumination and calligraphy.

In Case of Court

I'd like for it to be a surprise! Please contact my consort, Svanr Hrolfsson , with any questions and to ensure I'm there and properly garbed.

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