Minister of Arts and Sciences

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The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences acts as advisor in all matters pertaining to the Arts and Sciences within the Kingdom to the Crown and subjects of the Kingdom, and supports study in those areas.

Until November of 1982 the Minister of Arts and the Minister of Sciences were two separate offices.

Ministers of Arts of the East Kingdom

Name Start Date
Elfrida of Greenwalls August 1972
Diana Alene December 1972
Kathryn Goodwyn (acting) October 1974
Diana Alene April 1975
Kathryn Goodwyn January 1977
Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys of Gwynnedd February 1979
Alyson of Islay February 1981

Ministers of Sciences of the East Kingdom

Name Start Date
Patri du Chat Gris June 1973
Sigismund Vasa Care October 1976
Yosef Alaric February 1982

Ministers of Arts & Sciences of the East Kingdom

Name Start Date
Yosef Alaric November 1982
Meghan MacIan of Loch Awe December 1983
Grphon du Fort Epee March 1985
Grphon du Fort Epee & Alys Gardyner May 1985
Anton of Winteroak July 1987
Marian Greenleaf July 1988
Camilla Ginevra di Capri September 1990
Phillipia Cupbreaker March 1992
Elayne Courtenay August 1993
Morgaine ferch Cadwr January 1997
Roen Dentelliere November 1998
Adamantius Gideanus Tacitus August 1999
AnneLiese Wolkenhaar May 2004
Danabren Madadh-Mara May 2005
Bricia de Neubold October 2007
Brunissende Dragonette January 2011
Gabriella de Bas Serra January 2013
Amy Webbe January 2015
Philip White January 2017
Elysabeth Underhill March 2019
Elena Hylton February 2021
Amalie von Hohensee February 2023

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