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Founded: 2005
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The East Kingdom Metalsmiths' Guild is dedicated to the study and teaching of all the metalsmithing arts and sciences, including but not limited to: blacksmithing, smelting, casting, working in various metals, armouring, coining / minting, gem cutting, gem and stone lore, jewelrymaking, glassblowing, glass lampworking (beads, etc.), and the like.


The guild was founded as a local group (called the Silver Rylle Metalsmiths' Guild) in c. AS XXXIV (2000). It expanded into the Southern Region Metalsmiths' Guild before being renamed the East Kingdom Metalsmiths' Guild. The Royal Charter for this guild was signed at Kingdom Twelfth Night, AS XXXIX (01/08/2005), by Thorson and Svava.

Charter Members:

  • Carowyn Silveroak
  • Corwyn Ravenwing
  • Martin the Bohemian
  • Aegedidus
  • Apollonia Voss


Be it proclaimed throughout the Kingdom of the East that We, Thorson and Svava, King and Queen of the East, hereby grant unto the East Kingdom Metalsmiths' Guild a Charter. It shall be the duty of this Guild to serve the East Kingdom as an open forum for the exchange of information on the Metalsmithing Arts and Lore of the Current and Then Middle Ages. It is Our pleasure that membership in this Guild be open to any of Our subjects who express interest in the Arts and Sciences of the Casting or Working of Metals, Common or Noble, as well as their Alloys; or of the Working of Glass; or of the Making of Jewelry.

It is Our wish that the Guild shall serve the Kingdom as a resource in all matters appropriate to these Arts. Therefore We charge the members of this Guild with the responsibility of sharing their knowledge and skills with all of Our subjects who may wish to approach them for this purpose.

We direct the Guild to institute a voluntary system of certification and ranking on the basis of knowledge and expertise, assigning ranking levels through a system of panelling by the Masters of the Guild. The public face of the Guild shall be represented by a Guildmistress, through whom the Guild is directed to foster the goals herein outlined, making themselves available for the education and enlightenment of any who so desire.

Signed this day the 8th of January, Anno Societatis XXXIX, at East Kingdom Twelfth Night in the Barony of Dragonship Haven.

Rex Thorson Regina Svava

Guild Rankings


Guildmistress: Lady Irene von Lassan


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Indicating Your Interest or Participation

Anyone who expresses a desire to join the ranks of the Guild is certainly welcome to do so. Guild members are encouraged to teach others, but it is not required that you excel in every subject. If someone approaches you to learn something that you don't feel competent to teach, you may instead refer them to another teacher or to the Guildmistress. You may also choose to become an Associate Member, stating that you wish to be affiliated with the Guild without claiming an explicit Guild Membership if that wouldn't suit your persona or your personality. In either case, contact the Guildmistress, Lady Irene von Lassan, and let her know you're interested in joining.

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More Information

Guild Website:

You might want to join the Guild's mailing list. Even if you're not a Guild member, feel free to join the list, to find out what we're up to!

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