Melisaunde de Vianne

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Sound the trumpet!.jpg
At Endewearde's Fort Knox

Photo by Mistress Brita Svensdottir

Resides: Endewearde
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Award & Office Badges
Master Bowman
Archery Marshal


Lady Melisaunde de Vianne (aka Constancia de Vianne) has been in the SCA since AS XXVI (1991). She lives in the Barony of Endewearde with her husband, Gwillim Kynith.


Lady Melisaunde is a XIV century trouvère who enjoys in medieval singing and dance, stained glass, SCA camping, and archery. As a singer and musician, she has performed with Ancaster Oratorio for many years, as well as Endewearde's Leafy Greens and Mutton. In addition, she has played the natural trumpet for many Royal processions and battles and the Pennsic War. As a medieval dancer, Lady Melisaunde has earned a place in the Order of the Terpsichore in recognition for her teaching and encouraging dance within the East Kingdom, both in Endewearde and the Barony of Bridge. As an archer, Lady Melisaunde has been active in the North Tower Archery Company and has served as Endewearde's First Archer.

Lady Melidaunde has spent many many hours working at the gate for numerous Endewearde and Malagentian events, as well as at the Pennsic War, welcoming travelers to the event with a warm smile, answering questions, and offering a helping hand where it's needed. In addition to being a welcome face at the gate, Lady Melisaunde can often be found working after the event helping the event staff with stowing gear, cleaning the site, and with whatever needs doing. Her helpfulness at events both at home and abroad has earned her the award, "Freedom of the the Bridge" in the Barony of Bridge where her efforts were noticed.

For years, Lady Melisaunde and her husband hosted "Sing Thing", a bimonthly gathering in Endewearde that focused on teaching and singing campfire songs for the good folks of Endewearde to share. She published the "Endewearde Songbook" with lyrics for many of Endewearde's favorite songs.

Lady Melisaunde is the Baroness of Endewearde, and her husband are members of the household Ancaster.

Offices & Positions

  • Archery Marshal
  • Baroness of Endewearde 2022 - present


  • AoA, Dec 12, AS XXXVI
  • Freedom of the Bridge, March AS XXXIX
  • Companion of the Troubadour, August 12, AS XL
  • Companion of the Terpsichore, July 12, AS XLI
  • Master Bowman, July 14, AS XLII
  • Ryder of the Northern Marches, February 18, AS XLIII
  • Order of the Beacon, Endewearde, February 14, 2015
  • Order of the Golden Lyre