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Meara MacNeil of the Clan MacNeil of Barra
Resides: Provence of Malagentia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
(Not Yet Passed)
Award & Office Badges
Award of ArmsCompanion of the Order of the Silver Wheel


Greeting Friends,

I am Laird Meara MacNeil, a member of the Provence of Malagentia. My pronouns are They/Them and I prefer the title Laird to that of Lady.


Meara MacNeil is the daughter of the second son of the MacNeil Clan. Her Grandfather is Gilleonan MacNeil, the 32nd Lord of the Isle of Barra. Her father, being the second son married the daughter of a rich merchant who had connections both in Edinburgh and in London. After losing her husband at a tender age, due to what is assumed to be natural causes, Meara was sent to London to be a Lady in Waiting to Queen Catherine of Aragon, owing to her maternal grandfather's connections at court.

As with most women during her time period, Meara is skilled at sewing, embroider and all manner of hand work. A daughter of the Islands of Scotland, she is also proficient in the arts of the Wise Woman, as well as the management of a large household.

Offices & Positions

Protege And Apprentice

Officer Positions Malagentia

  • Deputy Chronicler, Provence of Malagentia 2/1/2022- 07/2023
  • Chronicler, Provence of Malagentia- 7/2023-December 2023
  • Malagentia Cook's Guild- Organizer alongside Octavia Valeria and Lydia Webbe- 5/2023 to present
  • Deputy Keeper- Forest Court of Malagentia 7/2023- present

Officer Positions, Malagentia

  • Minister of Arts and Science, Riding of Ravensbridge, 1/2023-present

Event Staff

Great North Eastern War

  • Deputy Event Steward, Great North Eastern War XXXIV 07/14/2022-07/17/2022*
  • Merchant Coordinator, Great North Eastern War XXXIV 07/14/2022-07/17/2022*
  • Deputy Event Steward, Great North Eastern War XXXVe 07/13/2023-07/16/2023*


  • Knitting
  • Spinning
  • Period Cooking
  • Herbs, Herbalism and Wild Plant Identification
  • Period Tudor Cottage Gardens
  • Garb Making
  • Alchemy


Projects & Publications


Host of Ravensbridge Crafting Afternoon - February 2023-Present

In Case of Court

Please notify Maria Erika von Ossenheim if she's attending the event, or Fia Kareman. Otherwise notify Inn of Bards Rest

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