Matteo Genovese

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Photo by Dionisia
Resides: Barony Beyond the Mountain
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Vert, a spear and in chief two axes argent within a bordure argent semy of daggers vert.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Mantle Companion of the Order of the Golden Mantle Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Order of the White Oak TW RR GrandMaster.jpg Kingdom Champion of Thrown Weapons Kingdom Champion of Thrown Weapons Kingdom Champion of Thrown Weapons Bowman
Thrown Weapons Marshal Herald

Preferred Pronouns

He/Him/His preferred - They/Them are also fine as well


THL Matteo Genovese - I spent my early time in the SCA attending only a few events socially. Since 2016, I've been trying to increase the visibility of Thrown Weapons throughout the East. I am a three time Consort's Champion of Thrown Weapons, I am currently also pursuing archery and occasionally fence.


15th Century Italian Lover of Thrown Weapons

Offices & Positions

  • Consort's Champion of Thrown Weapons, Indrakshi, Corotica, Caoilfhionn IV Summer 2022 - Summer 2023
  • Consort's Champion of Thrown Weapons, Caoilfhionn III, Vienna, Fortune, Summer 2018 - Summer 2019
  • Consort's Champion of Thrown Weapons, Avelina III, Anna III, Honig - Summer 2016- Summer 2017
  • East Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champions Team, Pennsic XLV, Pennsic XLVI, Pennsic XLVII, Pennsic XLVIII, Pennsic XLIX, Pennsic L
  • East Kingdom Archery Champions Team, Pennsic XLIX, Pennsic L
  • Barony Beyond the Mountain - Baronial Thrown Weapons Marshal - 2019 to March 2023
  • Barony Beyond the Mountain - Baronial Herald - 2022 to present
  • Deputy Earl Marshal of Thrown Weapons - April 2023 to present

Event Staff

  • Thrown Weapons MIC, East Kingdom 50 year, 06/2018
  • Assistant Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge, Pennsic 47
  • EK Crown Feeder Tournament, BBM, Fall 2021


Accomplishments and Service

  • First person to hold all of the Golden Weapons at the same time.
  • Made both Archery and Thrown Weapons Champions Teams for Pennsic 49 and Pennsic 50.
  • Assistant Thrown Weapons Marshal, Pennsic XLV
  • Master Thrower (now known as Expert Thrower), BBM/Bergental Yule 2019
  • Extraordinary Thrower (Grand Master equivalent), C&S Archery Championships 2023
  • Arranged Throwers for all attending members of the Order of the Rose for Rose Tournament, 2019
  • Hosted 3 Champion's Tournaments for Thrown Weapons 2017, 2019, & 2023
  • Introduced the Head to Head format for Champions Tournaments for Thrown Weapons, GNEW 2017. Format has been used in all Pennsic TW War Points since 2019.
  • Co-Introduced the Golden Weapons for Thrown Weapons with Syr Cedric of Thanet (Golden Axe, Golden Knife, Golden Spear), 2018-2021
  • Host of a practice in Barony Beyond the Mountain that has produced 7 of the 11 Master Throwers (now known as Expert Throwers) of the East and now 5 of the 6 Extraordinary Throwers (Grand Master equivalent).
  • Same practice has produced 10 of the last 12 TW Champions the last 6 years (5 Consort's Champions, 5 Sovereign's Champions)
  • Created the Standard Thrown Weapons Royal Round now in use in 11 Kingdoms. Wrangled 12 Kingdom TW Marshals into working together to edit the Standard Thrown Weapons Royal Round until we could gain agreement and implement it, Jan-Dec 2021
  • Traveled throughout the Kingdom since 2016, teaching, assisting and marshalling at well over 100 ranges throughout the East and Tir Mara. Brought targets for many events locally and across the kingdom
  • Made final 8 of C&S Archery Championship 2022.
  • Made final 2 of C&S Archery Championship 2023.
  • Made final 9 of C&S Archery Championship 2024
  • Made Bowman in Archery 2023.
  • Hosted TW tryouts at Pennsic XLIX for both the Midrealm and their Allies, and the East and our Allies due to the Pennsic MIC having to leave due to health reasons. We had over 50 people try out for the East/Allies and 45 people tryout for the Mid/Allies, with most people trying out twice as the rules allowed. All people who showed up were allowed to try out. This happened between the time the ranges closed for the day and sunset.
  • List Herald for C&S Rattan Champs 2024, Fall Crown 2022 and Spring Crown 2023. At Spring Crown 2023, granted permission to also List Herald for Youth Combat Champions, which was also held at the event
  • Court Herald for a couple of items of business at Birka 2023


Protege to

Duchess Avelina Keyes

In Case of Court

If I'm being considered for a Peerage, please provide a writ, as this would be my first. If you're seeing this and I'm being considered for a second Peerage, I am fine with a surprise! Contact Safiya al-Naghira (wife) and Duchess Avelina Keyes (Pelican) with any questions or concerns. Safiya will be coordinating.