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Resides: Iron Bog
Status: semi-active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Per pale azure and argent, two geese respectant enraged counterchanged.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Laurel Companion of the Order of the Maunche Award of the Golden Lyre Terpsichore Order of the Salamander


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Mathilde was born in the mid-15th century, and is married to a goldsmith in the Imperial Free City of Straßburg (now usually known as Strasbourg) in the Holy Roman Empire.

Offices & Positions

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Event Staff

  • Head Cook, Welcome to the SCA Schola, around 1986?
  • Autocrat (These days it would be event steward, but this was a while ago), Bhakail Yule Revel, around 1987?
  • Head Cook, Last Year’s Fencing Event, 1997?
  • Head Cook, Feast for the Wedding of Tzigan and Siobhan, 1998?
  • Head Cook, Feast of Thanksgiving for the Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 1999?

Projects & Publications

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Honours & Awards

  • Award of Arms, 12/6/1986
  • Companion of the Salamander (Bhakail), 12/1/1987
  • Companion of the Maunche, 3/3/1990
  • Companion of the Terpsichore, 12/14/1996
  • Companion of the Golden Lyre, 5/28/2005 and 5/3/2008
  • Mistress of the Laurel, 4/22/2006

Classes Taught

  • Introduction to Blackwork
  • Introduction to Pattern Darning
  • Lacis
  • Medieval Middle Eastern Counted-Thread Emboidery
  • Embroidery Pattern Books in the 16th Century
  • Defining Blackwork
  • Essentials of Elizabethan Embroidery: Buttonhole Stitch
  • The Well-Dressed Mummy; or What to Wear to a Siege
  • Sex in period literature
  • Wives of Henry VIII
  • Sources for period recipes
  • Cooking from period recipes

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More Information

Mathilde's primary interests are in embroidery, cooking, and dance.

Other interests include spinning, sprang, Middle Eastern culture, and wire jewelry.

Her webpage is at