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Lady Marian Greenleaf, Companion of the Pelican, a Founder of AEthelmearc.

First event, September A.S. X (1975), Shire of Dernehealde, Middle Kingdom (Athens, Ohio). Took the name Jeanne du Bel Pommier. Participated on and off in shire demos, events/postrevels and arts and sciences activities for six years until moving to Atlantia in A.S. XVI. Played minor role in helping to revitalize the Shire of Isenfir (Charlottesville, VA) over next two years.

Moved to Barony-Marche of Debateable Lands in A.S. XVIII (1983), changed name to Marian Greenleaf the following year due to the fact that nearly everyone there called her Marian. Learned archery and heavy combat (previously forbidden to women in the Midrealm) in addition to much further growth in arts and sciences. Not much of a tourney fighter but thanks to persistent training became one of the best shieldpersons in the Barony, enthusiastic melee fighter, marshall-at-large. Scribal arts and divers other arts and sciences (cooking, Byzantine garb and textiles, Renaissance embroidery, late-period poetry, dancer & musician.) Longtime autocrat and cook. Ceased combat activities, autocrat and kitchen service, and fancy needlework in A.S. XXVII (1992) due to cancer treatment and its effects. Has continued with most other activities.

Having flown under the official-recognition radar for many years prior to moving to the East, Marian set herself the goal of becoming a Companion of the Laurel once she realized that Debateable Lands was in an SCA environment where autodidacticism did not immediately result in ostracism. Along the way she found out that the most fun for her in A&S was in helping other people learn how to unfold their potential and gain recognition in the arts and sciences. Various individual Eastrealm Laurels frequently consulted Marian in divers areas of expertise, but (legend says) as a group they found themselves unable to agree on a handy category in which to place her work. Eventually the Eastern Pelicans took Marian unto themselves (A.S. XXV) and the Laurels breathed a sigh of relief and went on to other considerations. Marian is a Companion of the Maunche, a Companion of the Sycamore (AEthlemearc A&S) and holds the Debateable Lands Comet Awards for both the arts and the sciences. She also holds the corresponding awards for service at these levels.


15th-century English embroiderer from the Midlands, half-sister to Lord Therion Calgate. Occasionally travels to 12th-century Byzantium. :-)

Marian's Stupid Peer Trick was inadvertently eating live ants at Pennsic, after dark when they'd crawled into the m&m's. She developed a reflex of checking after-dark m&m's via candlelight, prior to ingestion, but created a new variant on her Stupid Trick when the ants discovered her mead cup. As Marian's modern persona is a vegetarian, she has not indulged in her Peer Trick for many years.

Offices & Positions

Debateable Lands Baronial A&S officer, A.S. XVIII to A.S. XX (1983-1985), Baronial Seneschale, A.S. XX to A.S. XXII (1985-1988.) Served Pennsic committee for many years in various capacities. Western Region MoAS, A.S. XIX to A.S. XXII (1984-1987); East Kingdom MoAS, A.S. XXII to A.S. XXIV (1987-1989.) College of Cour d'Or modern-universities liaison for many years. Six years (1988-1994) on "Pikestaff" staff (editorial go-fer, pasteup peon and mailing serf.) Served on Western Region Principality Committee; one of the Founders of AEthelmearc. Served on AEthelmearc Principality Laws Committee and, later, AEthelmearc Kingdom Laws Committee. Served as AEthelmearc Archivist and Steward, A.S. XXVIII to A.S. XXX. Married and moved to Barony of Madrone in An Tir, A.S. XXXI. Served as Madrone Baronial Scribe (signet office) for four years.

Event Staff

Marian has lost track of how many legendary events she worked on, invented, autocratted and/or cooked for. Most were in Debateable Lands but some were gigs on the road. They included a couple of Debateable Lands Baronial Champions events (including the infamous one in 1984 where the carpet at the site had to be replaced, which was her first head-cook gig); the Jackson's Mill Demo which was the first SCA event ever held in central WV (1984); Ronald and Bronwyn I's Crown Tourney (1986); several Cour d'Or Scholas; the Queen's Birthday (Sedalia II, 1988); the Instant Event Flakes event in Weirton, WV; the Inka-Dinka-Doo; the Wrong-Attitude German Event; a Clown Tourney (1988?); two Bronze Age Events (1989 and 1991); a Kingdom Twelfth Night or three; helping to run and judge the Ice Dragon Pent (forever and ever amen); and various AEthelmearc events. In addition, she was active in various roles as Pennsic staff depending on who needed what, when, but succeeded in never officially coordinating anything more taxing than the scribal tent. Marian designed three Pennsic guidebook covers (one Celtic, one Persian, one Ottonian) and was a co-editor of the Pennsic XX souvenir booklet and Pennsic history (overall Pennsic editor in those years was Mistress Ts'vee'a bas Tseepora Levi.)

Projects & Publications

Marian published "Sonnet: On My Lord's Sojourn in Drachenwald" in Tournaments Illuminated Issue #83, Summer 1987.

In her capacity as Pikestaff staff, Marian was a co-instigator of "Not Necessarily the Pikestaff" (1991), wrote much of the "boilerplate" parody copy for it, such as the Regnum listings; and was the author of the "Demo In The Lake and Jet-Ski Joust" event announcement. "Not Necessarily the Pikestaff" was a full-lenth "Pikestaff" parody fundraiser for the East Kingdom newsletter. It ran to two printings and is a classic of its type. The main co-instigators were then-Kingdom Scribe Ellisif Flakkari (now She'erah bat Shlomo), and Justin du Coeur.

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