Marcele de Montsegur

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Marcele de Montsegur.jpg
Maîtresse Marcele
Resides: Barony of Iron Bog
Status: Inactive
Awards: Order of Precedence
Or, a bend fusilly between six crosses of Toulouse gules.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Maunche Companion of the Order of the Laurel Award of the Golden Lyre


Maîtresse Marcele de Montsegur was inducted into the Order of the Laurel in January 2004. She is also a companion of the Order of the Maunche and has a number of Seamstress-to-the-Crown acknowledgments. While active, her service to the arts was usually behind the scenes, with regular judging of research papers for A&S competitions and consistent and copious online instruction for those who sought her input. Her passion for the arts centers around 14th-century material culture with a focus on the clothing, accessories, and martial soft kit worn by Western Europeans. She occasionally gets enthused for 15th-century stuff too. She is still available through her website for assistance in 14th and 15th century tailoring. Marcele's two apprentices were elevated to the Order of the Laurel: Angharad Rhos ferch Rhain and Angus Pembridge (fomerly Kerr).

Event Staff

Incomplete list:

  • Childrens' Activities Coordinator, 12th Night, January 1999, Barony of Bhakail
  • Cook's assistant and server at high table, East Kingdom State Dinner for Darius and Roxane 1; Pennsic 31 (2002)
  • Cook's assistant and server at high table, 1st and 2nd Coronations of Andreas and Isabella, 9/30/2000 and 9/28/2002 respectively
  • Cook's assistant to Lady Olga Kafskaia and Mistress Juliana Von Altenfeld at multiple feasts held in the Barony of Bhakail
  • Event staff/setup helper, 12th Night, January 2003, Shire of Hartshorn-dale

Projects & Publications

Newest to oldest:

La cotte simple:

"The Tailoring of the Pourpoint of King Charles VI of France Revealed", Waffen- und Kostuemkunde 2013/2

How to Sew a Gore [into a Slit of Fabric]: Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 174, 2nd Quarter 2010

The Pourpoint of Charles de Blois: An adapted sewing pattern for chest sizes 37-50 (available on

On Writing a Research Paper or Report for SCA Competition: East Kingdom Arts & Sciences website (

The Journal of the Armour Research Society (Editor); first volume, 2005

More Information

Marcele won the Janet Arnold Award in 2011 to study an historical extant garment. She wrote the resulting paper and presented it at the International Medieval Congress at Leeds in July 2012.

Visit the La cotte simple FaceBook page for updates on her interests.

Marcele has an entry in the EK Laurel Mugshot Gallery.