Maragorn and Adrienne

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Sovereign: Maragorn the Artificer
Consort: Adrienne of Toledo
East Kingdom Crown #: 1
Preceded by: none
Succeeded by: Bruce and Florence


  • First King and Queen of the East
  • The only King to be appointed without a crown tourney. According to Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver, "...Maragorn was appointed king was because we hadn’t had a crown tournament yet, but needed to King to run one. All there was to the SCA was the tournament at the time. That was the only official function. The reason we have kings at all is because, it being the fighters who invented our game, they all wanted to fight in the tournament, so they together decided that the person who won the tournament, had to sit out the next one and run it, and his prize was a crown. When Marion moved to Staten Island, that held the first event, there was no one there to run the crown tournament, so they appointed Maragorn."





  • Coronation: Jun 2, 1968 in the Cloisters, New York City, NY
  • Crown Tourney: Jul 21, 1968 in Cloves Lake Park, Staten Island, NY

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