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Province of Malagentia
Malagentia heraldry.gif
Purpure, a moon in her complement within a laurel wreath argent
Founded: December 1981
Location: Southern Maine


Meaning: "The Land of the Bad People". According to Maine Public Broadcasting's timeline of Maine history, in 1524, Giovanni da Verrazzano explored the coast of Maine and wrote of his travels to his sponsor, the King of France. While he encountered very friendly natives near Rhode Island, Maine's natives were less welcoming. They greeted Verrazzano's men from the height of a cliff, and refused to approach the shore. They would only trade by lowering items on a rope. When they were finished trading, Verrazzano writes that they "showed their buttocks and laughed immoderately--" in other words, they mooned the Europeans. For this, Maine earned the title terra onde la mala gente, or "the land of the bad people." Thus, both the name Malagentia and the heraldry of "a moon in her complement" are a reference to this piece of history.

Established: October 15, 1981

Branch Name and Device Registered: May, 1983

Blazon: Purpure, a moon in her complement within a laurel wreath argent

Newsletter: The Moonstone

Fighting Unit(s): Woolfe's Dragoons Rapier Company


- Prepared by Mistress Anastasia Guta

Terra Onde di Mala Gente

Although it seems likely that Norse explorers had visited our lands previously, in the year 1524, Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazano and the crew of the La Dauphine were the first visitors to what is now our coastline to leave a written record of their visit.

It did not go well. Although the indigenous people who lived in the areas now known as Carolingia, Smoking Rocks, Bridge and Dragonship Haven were friendly to Verrazano and his crew, the residents of the Casco Bay area were not.

As Verrazano reported to King Francis I,

"We found a high land and full of very thick forests, the trees of which were pines, cypresses, and such as grow in cold regions. The people ... were full of uncouthness and vices, so barbarous that we were never able, with howsoever many signs we made them, to have any intercourse with them. . . . If, trading at any time with them, we desired their things, they came to the shore of the sea upon some rock where it was very steep we remaining in the small boat - with a cord let down to us what they wished to give, continually crying on the land that we should not approach, giving quickly the barter, nor taking in exchange for it except knives, hooks for fishing, and sharp metal. They had no regard for courtesy, and when they had nothing more to exchange, at their departing the men made at us all the signs of contempt and shame which any brute creature could make, such as showing their bare buttocks and laughing immoderately.*"

  • As translated and quoted in North America: The Historical Geography of a Changing Continent, 2001.

In 1529, the explorer's brother, Girolamo de Verrazano, created a map documenting the travels of La Dauphine, and labeled the coast of Casco Bay as Terra Onde di Mala Gente - the land of the bad people.

A Shire is Founded

And thus, some 450 years later, when a fledgling shire in the East Kingdom was looking for a new name, our founders consulted what maps and books were available to them, and took inspiration from the courage of those people who drove de Verrazano from their shores, and called our group Malagentia in their honor.

Our arms, Purpure, a moon in her complement within a laurel wreath argent, also pay homage to this early meeting between Europeans and the Native people, as we display a "full moon" for all to see.

The first organizational meeting for the incipient shire was held October 15, AS XVI, at (as so many were in those days) a local gaming shop. By December of that year, Malagentia was an official SCA group, under our founding Seneschal, Baron Deormund Wulfscyld.

The Malagentian arms were passed in May, 1983

The date that Malagentia changed status from Shire to Province is unknown to us, but would have been in the mid 1990s.

What is a Province, anyway?

No, we're not our own Principality - a Province is an SCA branch group designation that is basically equivalent to a Barony, except without the ceremonial roles of Baron and Baroness. At the time we became a Province, we were one of two Provinces in the East Kingdom (Mountain Freehold was the other). Today, we are one of seven Provinces in the SCA worldwide.

As a Province, we have the right to sponsor sub-groups, just as Baronies do. The sub-groups for Provinces are called Ridings, and Malagentia has two -- Giggleswick, at our southern border, and Ravensbridge, at our northern border.

Provincial Honors

Provinces are not currently allowed to bestow official awards that are entered into the OP, however, the people of Malagentia wanted a way to recognize the good work of it's citizens. From this desire, the Provincial Honors were formed. The current honor categories, and their unregistered badges are:

  • Martial - Given for contributions to and/or chivalrous displays in the martial activities worthy of attention.
  • Service - Given for services or labors worthy of attention.
  • Courtesy - Given for any actions or activities that display a level of personal generosity worthy of attention
  • A&S - Given for efforts in the Arts or Sciences worthy of attention.
  • Youth - Given for efforts and/or deeds by a youth worthy of attention.


Provincial Champions

Provincial Championships are held in September at Harvest Moon Shoot. As is the custom, the current Champion is in charge of the competition for the following year.

2023 Champions

2022 Champions

2021 Champions

  • Bearer of the Horn of Malagentia (archery champion) - Master Maxton Gunn

2018 Champions

2017 Champions

2016 Champions

2015 Champions

  • Bearer of the Horn of Malagentia (archery champion) - Lord Iain of Malagentia
  • First Shield of Malagentia - Lord Eiríkr Øxnaháls
  • First Blade and Defender of the Children of Malagentia - Lord Trian O'Bruadair
  • Bearer of the Heart of Malagentia - Iain of Ravensbridge
  • Artisan Prime of Malagentia - Lady Elisif Hoarrkona

2014 Champions

  • Bearer of the Horn of Malagentia (archery champion) - Master Maxton Gunn
  • First Shield of Malagentia - Lord Micah of Brighton Manor
  • First Blade and Defender of the Children of Malagentia - Doña Camille des Jardins
  • Bearer of the Heart of Malagentia - Lord Velikail of Deltuva
  • Artisan Prime of Malagentia - Lady Rose Copper-Steele

2013 Champions

2012 Champions

2010 Champions

2009 Champions

  • Archery Champion - Lord Iain of Malagentia

2008 Champions

  • Archery Champion - Lord Nicholas d'Olivares

2007 Champions

  • Archery Champion - Lord Iain of Malagentia


  • The First Shield of Malagentia - This shield dates back to AS 6 and was the first Malagentian shield to be carried into battle at Pennsic. It was brought back into circulation for use by the First Shield of Malagentia by Lord Deormund Wulfscyld, one of the founding members and first seneschal of Malagentia.
  • The Heart of Malagentia - A Malagentian artifact axe carried by the winner of the annual Province Thrown Weapons Championship. This axehead with the heart-shaped cutout was gifted to the Province in 2013 by Bowden Henebry and the handle was provided by former champion Iain of Ravensbridge in 2016.
  • The Horn of the Harvest Moon - A Malagentian artifact hunting horn carried by the winner of the annual Province Archery Championship. It was crafted by Lord John Fowler for the Championships of 2013.
  • The Cloak of the First Blade and Defender of the Children of Malagentia - A purple and black single shoulder cloak with the Malagentian moon and laurel wreath worn by the Rapier Champion. It was made by suggestion of Trian O'Bruadair by Christiana Crane for the Championships of 2015.
  • The Malagentian Songbook - A tradition started by Lord Frederick Van der Veer for the first Malagentian Bardic Championship in 2016, this book is passed from Bardic Champion to Bardic Champion. Each champion adds a song or a performance poem to its pages before passing it to the next champion.
  • The Malagentian Box of Wonder - This humble box is passed from one A&S Champion to the next. Each year, the current champion fills the box with some of the tools of their trade for the next champion to experiment with. This tradition was started in 2016 by Lady Elisif Hoarrkona, who included Scribal supplies. Lord Gregor von Medehem filled the box with Leatherworking supplies.
  • Malagentia Seneschal's Silver Crescent Legacy Medallion - Passed to Seneschals of Malagentia who are inducted into the Order of the Silver Crescent during their term.

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The people of Malagentia refer to themselves as Malagentians. The region was once populated with the clan Veassllurd, but Vesassllurd sightings are extremely rare in Malagentia these days.

Other known clans and households common to Malagentia are

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